Google Express Same-Day Delivery Comes to Chicago
Photo Credit: Philip Montgomery / Google

On Tuesday, Google finally launched the same-day delivery service of Google Express along with the collaboration of its retail partners including Walgreens, Costco and Treasure Island Foods. However, another retail partner of the search engine giant, Target, will have no participation in this same-day delivery service. The move simply marks the expansion of the company’s ongoing battle with the online retailer Amazon, who is offering same day delivery services not just Chicago, but in several parts of the Chicago area. Google Wallet will have to be used by customers for availing the same day Google service, which is basically the company’s own payment system and is a direct competitor of the recently launched Apple Pay.

Shoppers use the mobile app or order products online from retailers with whom the company has a partnership and have them delivered by Google; this service has been given the name of Google Shopping Express and has been operating in San Francisco for the past year and in parts of Manhattan and Los Angeles since May. On Tuesday, the search engine giant also made the announcement that the name of the service was being reduced to just Google Express and it was also being expanded to Washington DC and Boston.

The cost that will be charged for same day delivery is about $4.99. Consumers will be able to take advantage of unlimited deliveries in a year for an order worth $15 or more if they pay the service $10 on a monthly basis or a total of $95 on a yearly basis. Orders that are smaller than $15 will have to pay extra charges of $3 for the delivery service. The company said that Chicago residents would be able to take advantage of a free 90-day trial membership of the service. The national retail partners of the company include Toys R US, Staples, Barnes and Nobles, Sports Authority, L’Occtane, Guitar Center, Wrigleyville Sports and Lux Roses and they will also take part in Chicago.

Regarding this action of the national retailers, the head of partnerships of the Google Service said the fact that they were all ready to participate was definitely a good sign. The Chief Digital Officer of Toys R Us said that their customers enjoyed the same-day experience due to which they are willing to make the contribution. Deliveries in Chicago will be available in the south as far as the US Cellular Field, in the north as far as Wrigleyville and in the West as far as Western Avenue in Humboldt Park. provides a complete list of partner stores where orders can be placed by users. Vehicles, which will be labeled ‘Google Express’ will visit the stores for picking up the items and delivering them to the customers. Refrigerated items cannot be delivered by the service as yet. Treasure Island Foods said that this service would benefit the business because a large number of Chicago customers are unable to shop at their stores due to geography and this will eliminate any such problems.