Gold bangles – A Complete Buyer Guide

Mostly known as traditional jewelry article, bangles are worn in pairs. They have a deep relationship with culture, traditions, and heritages of different Asian nations such as India. Among different kinds of jewelry worn by women, gold bangles make the most prominent jewelry sold these days. Considering what makes gold bangles high-end jewelry in terms of pricing, the desire to use bangles and their entry into the fashion have significantly increased their value.

Gold is one of the precious metals that are widely used to make various types of jewelries. There are lots of different types of gold bangles on the market to suit different people’s taste. Whether you are fond of the latest fashion and looking for fine love-links bangles or simply choose traditional ornate style, you will be spoilt for choice in the jewelry shop. For that reason, any buying guide has to be informative for consumers to know as much about gold bangles types as possible.

Gold Bangles Types

Gold bangles have two basic types, hollow gold and solid gold. Hollow gold bangles are more likely to deform or dent quicker than solid gold bangles, but they are less expensive as you get less gold in form of bangles. Solid gold bangles, on the other hand, are harder wearing. They not only last longer but also can be used through the generations.

Love-link Gold Bangles

Love-link gold bangles are the perfect pick for the young generations or for someone who desires to frequently change their look. These bangles are basically bracelets that contain interchangeable beads. You can put your own touch on its design by adding gold or silver beads and even other types of jewelry along the bangles. Plus, you can have your partner’s name featured in the bracelet. Love-link bangles or bracelets come with different lengths of leather, allowing you to style according to your taste.

Gold Bangle Bracelets

This type of gold jewelry is usually understated in the design but shows an ethnic sense of style by the reflectiveness of the metal itself, grasping the shine as you move. You can come across more stylized bangles on the jewelry shop that particularly cater to the taste of those who like to draw people’s attention or when they are out for a party. Gold bracelet bangles compliment a wide range of fashions and can suit any event including birthday party, wedding or dinner party.

Two-color Gold Bangles

This type of bangles can be made with both yellow and white gold pieces. Two-color bangles range in design and style from small intricate white gold chain links to heart-shaped loops made from yellow gold and look really ‘wow’. There are also some gold bangles that are entirely made up from white gold and are perfect for those who do not like to wear silver or yellow gold.

Almost everyone likes ornaments to enhance their personality. Gold bangles are mainly worn by women as a sign of matrimony or simply to adapt a traditional look. Having said that many consumers have shifted to the digital world to buy products in recent years, and so, you can also find tons of gold bangle designs with price online and choose the one suiting your taste.