Gifts to Tackle the Sports Fan

Buying a gift for a sports fan can be hard. Trying to determine what their favorite team or player is can be tricky without downright asking them. Let this top gifts for men who love sports list be your guide.

Skip past the jerseys on the rack, chances are, somewhere in the closet he already has one. Instead let’s head straight to the personal fitness dept. and look at home gyms. Trying to juggle the time for a workout into an already busy day is exhaustive in its own right. By buying a home gym, you show that you know how much you value his time. Now, which one to buy? The first thing to look at is the durability of the machine. Will it stand up to abuse? The next thing to look at is the total cost of ownership. How much are the attachments? Once you know all the facts, you can make a choice that you know will make him happy, shaping the home gym into one of the top gifts for men who are sports fans.

A bike rack is a needed addition to any vehicle of a sports fan. If your sports fan doesn’t have one, this would make a great gift. There are just a few types of bike racks available for each vehicle, so just pick the one that will fit his car or truck and call it a day. Instead of riding just around the neighborhood, on his bike, you have opened up the world to a cyclist. For this reason alone, a bike rack makes the top gifts for men for 2013 list mention.

Does your sportsman like golf? If so a new golf bag is always welcome. There are many types of golf bags available. Choosing which golf bag to buy is determined by the play style of the golfer. If they like to walk the golf course on a regular basis, while playing, then you might want to pick a bag that is light weight. If they choose to rent a cart and ride while playing, then the weight of the bag is not much of a factor in the decision. He is going to like it and that’s why it’s a top gift for men who love sports.

A subscription to Sports Illustrated is a great gift for any sports fan. A subscription costs only $39 a year. He will receive 56 issues a year, over one a week, filled with interviews of top players in their perspective sports, not to mention, the world famous swim suit edition. Your sports fan will thank you for it. And that is why a Sports Illustrated subscription makes its way onto our top gifts for men guide.

This round is over for the list of top gifts for men. Don’t sit on the sidelines trying to hide your face from the cameras when you hand that special guy his gift this year. Instead, score that touchdown, by choosing the right gift, and you will always have the home field advantage.