Game of Thrones: Mother's Mercy Recap

Et tu Olly? In the end, we finally came to a realization; we knew where the show was going all along. This is one of the cruelest ironies that Game of Thrones has offered to us throughout its five seasons. It was Jon Snow who really knew and understood the magnitude of what they were up against, better than anyone else. However, when it really counted the most, our Lord Commander really knew nothing. So, on the season finale titled Mother’s Mercy, Jon Snow wasn’t going to get any because he had failed to notice that his act of extending a wierwood branch to known killers of the Night’s watch, thieves and eaters of parents had engendered ill will of mutinous proportions.

The boy Jon had taken under his wing walked up to him and plunged the last blade into his unknowing and too-trusting breast. Assuming Qyburn doesn’t get hold of our hero, Jon’s demise ended a bloody and busy episode, which may have been the deadliest finales as yet, at least in terms of the names of the characters. Just a week after Selyse and Stannis won the Worst Parents in Westeros title, they both received their prizes; a sturdy tree for Selyse and a mercy killing from Brienne for the man who watched his daughter burn.

It didn’t take long for Stannis to learn that filicide isn’t really a good strategy for the battlefield as half his men took off with horses and supplies. Even Melisandre realized that things were going south because she went from making her cocky proclamations of icicles melting to taking a horse and hightailing it back to Castle Black. So glad that she is still alive though because she can save Jon. Resurrect, Melisandre! Davos, who was sent to The Wall by Stannis is also alive, but shocked when Melisandre’s silence tells him about his beloved Shireen’s fate.

Meanwhile in Dorne, the slithery Ellaria Sand gave our mini-Cersei the kiss of death, literally. At least the scene revealed why it was necessary for us to see Tyene’s breasts last week. Ellaria apparently poisoned Myrcella with a kiss and took the antidote after the ship had left. We were aware that at least one of Cersei’s children was going to bite the dust this season as it began with the macabre prophecy. (Gold will be their crowns. Gold their shrouds..) While the pretty girl didn’t get as much screen time as our Tommen, she did get a chance to acknowledge Jaime as her father and they shared a really touching father-daugher moment before she collapsed in his arms. Jaime isn’t going to be happy with this turn of events and Dorne is going to be on the receiving end.

The queen mother had seen it coming, even before she received the threatening cobragram in the season’s second episode. Cersei had mocked Oberyn Martell’s promises of Myrcella’s safety in Dorne and it seems that her worse fears have turned into reality. By the way, this puts Trystane in a bit of a pickle because we know that Cersei isn’t going to be too keen to welcome another Martell, especially if his dead uncle’s girlfriend murdered her one and only daughter. Speaking of Cersei, she seems to have had the worst season, until we consider Jon Snow, Ser Barristan, Shireen, Stannis and about 4,000 wildlings. But, there is no doubt that it has been an awful one for the Queen.

She began the season being stripped off her father and concluded it by stripping off everything else; her hair, her clothes, her power and her dignity. The walk of shame was truly horrifying as our no longer golden-haired queen had to walk naked from the Sept to the Red Keep while the people looked on and threw whatnot at her and the Septa chanted ‘Shame’ with every step she took. In other places, there was one end that probably everyone enjoyed; Meryn Trant. We learn how good Arya has gotten at the game of faces as she changes herself and fools Trant. It was satisfying to see her gouge his eyes out, stab him and then tell him his crime, her identity and deliver the punishment by cutting off his throat. But, Arya’s final moments of the season weren’t a walk in the Water Garden.

After Jaqen kills himself to pay for the life Arya has taken, she is distraught. But, she realizes that the corpse has different faces. Before she can make sense of it, the youngest Stark girl goes blind. Elsewhere, while Brienne may have gotten the chance to cross something off her own list, she missed Sansa’s help signal. Thankfully, Reek finally decided to do something and tossed Myranda to her death. Then he and Sansa took a jump off Winterfell’s walls just as Ramsay’s men storm back into the castle. Will they make it? That’s the question as they could have broken a lot of bones.

Back in Meereen, Dany’s absence is felt as her men bicker. Ultimately, Jorah and Daario mosey off to find the queen and her dragon while Tyrion is left behind with Grey Worm and Missandei to rule the city as he is good at it. He is joined by Varys, which is a good thing because he is going to need spies if he wants to rule the city on the brink of war. Where is Dany? Drogon has taken her to his lair and has settled down. Our ferocious dragon is hurt and exhausted after burning so many people and shrugs off his mother when she tries to climb on his back.

Dany is frustrated to say the least since she has been having a rather rough time. The Mother of Dragons decides to go in search for food, which doesn’t turn out to be a good idea as she is surrounded by hordes of Dothraki and with no one to help her unless Drogon decides to get moving and take Dany away on another trip, perhaps or Jorah and Daario find her.