Since 2009, Samsung has earned the title of being the largest IT Company of the world by its revenues. The company is also the largest mobile manufacturer of the world, a title it snatched from Nokia who had held it for 14 years. The company is also dominating other key markets around the globe that include memory chips, television market and LCD panels. It is also powerful in the tablet computer market as it has released the Galaxy Tab based on the Android operating system.

What helped Samsung Electronics in becoming the largest vendor of mobile phones was its Galaxy line of smartphones. Amongst these phones, it was the Galaxy S III that broke sales records for the company. Termed as the iPhone killer, Samsung Galaxy S III became the best-selling smartphone of the world in quarter three of 2012 and thus overtook the iPhone 4S. According to the latest speculation, Samsung Electronics is working on the successor of Galaxy S III. Some new information has come to light regarding the Samsung Galaxy S 4 as it will be called.

According to the early rumors, codenamed Altius, the SamsungGalaxy S IV was expected to be launched in April by the South Korean giant. However, the fan website called SamMobile has made another announcement; as per the report, the device’s unveiling is going to take place on March 15thof 2013. On that date, Samsung Electronics is holding its special Mobile Unpacked event and that’s when it will make the announcement. The venue of the event hasn’t been confirmed as yet. The blog has cited a trusted insider and states that its information is both confirmed and accurate.

Nevertheless, there has been official statement made by the South Korean company. But, as rumors of the new devices have started pouring in, it is expected that an announcement will be made soon by Samsung to put a rest to the rumors. The blog has stated that the device will be made available by early April. However, it will be the eastern countries from Europe that will get their hands first on the new device. At the end of February or at the beginning of March, Samsung Electronics is expected to send invites after the Mobile World Congress event.

The remaining parts of Asia and Europe will get the Galaxy S 4 by the end of April. However, people in Australia, United States and Africa will be able to get the device somewhere in May-June. This is mostly due to the scheduling needs and carrier testing of the devices done in these countries. The company has high expectations regarding the sales of the new Galaxy device as the anticipation is quite high after the success of the Galaxy S III. Samsung is aiming to sell around 10 million of these devices and plans to meet this target on a monthly basis.