Galaxy brand is more than just about smartphones. As per TechCrunch, a professional-level, mirrorless camera along with substitutable lenses has just been revealed by Samsung on Thursday during an event in London. Galaxy NX operates on Jelly Bean (Android 4.2.2), adding the capability of posting high quality images to popular social applications such as Instagram directly from within the camera.

While the NX moniker has previously been used by Samsung for its cameras, and the most recently revealed Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom also is a hybrid smartphone 10x shooter, Galaxy NX seems to be made exactly for the professionals. The back of Galaxy NX has a 4.8’’ HD LCD, supported by 1.60 GHz quad-core processor. Offering a 20.3mp APS-C sensor, Galaxy NX is a 4G LTE also, with Bluetooth 4.0 and WiFi ready.

The Galaxy NX can be interchanged with the line of currently available NX lenses by Samsung. A 1/6,000 shutter speed per sec and 8.60 fps shooting borders on an expected quality level are found in the DSLRs, but still Samsung hasn’t released any information on its pricing. Apparently, stores in UK will first have the Galaxy NX this summer, but availability in any other regions has not yet been announced.