Four Things You Didn’t Know about The Xbox One

There is plenty of buzz amongst the gaming industry about the Xbox One that’s priced at $499 and is just a week away from its official release in the market. As people are aware by now, the next generation console of Microsoft Corp has a powerful graphics engine and processor and also comes with an improved Kinect accessory to put gamers in action. Several new features have been added to Xbox Live service and a number of exclusive games can be found in the new machine such as Dead Rising 3, Forza Motorsport 5 and Ryse while Titanfall is expected next year. Apart from that, the Xbox One will also allow its users to broadcast live games directly from the console and edit, record and share their gaming experience with friends all over the globe.

However, there are still a few features of the console that are still unknown by the public. The first is the capabilities that are possessed by the controller. Some unique tests were performed on it and it boasts about 40 improvements. Every little detail was dealt with through a proper procedure so much so that various fake hands were created for ensuring that the controller would fit in all types of hands and would feel comfortable. Apart from the hand sizes, about 200 prototypes were made for investigating the different elements, which include the size, shape, and access and battery location.

There are also remote possibilities associated with the new console as the Xbox One can be used by people as a universal remote for streaming content from applications or for watching live TV from your satellite box or cable. Channels can be changed and volume can also be altered with the video-game console. A voice-enabling feature is also offered and gamers will be able to order the console to follow their commands. Moreover, video services and TV streaming is also provided.

The Xbox One has the new Kinect sensor, which also boasts some improvements such as the improved field of view that’s offered. There is no longer any need for the gamer to tilt Kinect for getting a better view as the 70-by-60 degree view has eliminated the need for a tilt motor. Adults and small children can play together at the same time with this new addition. The greatest part is seeing how this new technology is implemented on the traditional Kinect gestures and on HD video experiences as well.

Furthermore, a few decisions regarding the Xbox One were also reversed after gamers had spoken out at the E3 videogames expo. Xbox One disc-based games can be used, shared and traded just like the games of the Xbox 360 as there are no restrictions. The ‘always connected’ requirement that had caused a furor amongst people has also been removed. Now only a one-time connection is needed for setting up. After that, the choice belongs to the user. Offline features of the game can be used without an internet connection. Privacy settings of the device also rest with the user.