Footwear Guide For Men
Every style-conscious man is aware of the importance of footwear; it can instantly make or break an ensemble. The bread and butter of most men is confined to classic footwear options, which include monk-straps, loafers, Derbies, brogues and Oxfords. While all these footwear silhouettes are extremely important for every man’s wardrobe, but there are some occasions where they may want to try something new. A brilliant way for a man to incorporate some individuality in his looks is to experiment with these timeless styles of footwear. In this way, they will not be making any compromises regarding their function or form.

The perfect opportunity is offered to men in this summer season where colors are brighter; styles have gotten laid-back while patterns seem to have gotten bolder. However, they can also make a statement without having to go out all the way. Sometimes an outfit can be transformed completely with something as simple as a contrast sole or textured material. Although one should spend as much as possible on footwear, they don’t have to purchase handmade footwear that can be immensely expensive. Trend-led footwear doesn’t last for more than two seasons while timeless and classic footwear is always a good investment. Here are some changes that can be made to them:

The Chunky Sole

One of the most simplest and effective ways of making changes to a classic style is with the addition of a chunky sole. There are different types of soles such as Vibram, Wedge and Crepe, each of which have gained considerable popularity and have the ability of changing the weight and also the shape of the shoe. As shoes get heavier with the chunky sole, the suit should also be adjusted accordingly and these would work best for outfits that are designed to imitate the classic looks.

Contrast Soles/Color-Pop Shoes

Bright colors are your best choice if you are in the hunt for shoes that demand immediate attention. If an outfit is too reserved or safe, pop-color shoes will help in adding the edge that every man desires. Different shades of blue, red and even white and beige are good choices for such occasions. People can also go for contrast soles if they want to add an unexpected focal point to their ensemble or wish to build up their confidence.

Patterned Footwear/Unique Materials

If pop-color designs seem a bit too overt, men can always go for footwear that has been made with unique materials. This is an excellent option for adding depth and texture to an outfit. Rather than demanding attention, this choice will simply catch the eye. Hi-shine and patent shoes are excellent if you want to give a modern twist to your formal wear whereas smart-casual looks can be enhanced with pebbled/grained leather styles. Twill and canvas shoes can also work, depending on the season. Two-tone shoes are also one of the most defining trends of this year and are available in loafer and brogue form. They can offer a great combination of different tastes, whether it is patterned inserts, contrasting soles or fabric mixes.