Follow These 8 Tips To Keep Your Swimming Pool Clean

Swimming pool is a great comfort during the summer. It keeps you away from the sweltering heat and provides for a much relaxing time. Swimming pools also tend to keep the kids busy over the summer although a little attention is definitely required. Swimming regularly also provides for a rigorous workout which in turn proves very healthy for the body. However, as much as using the pool is fun, the maintenance and preventive measures that one must take to  keep the pool in usable conditions can take a toll on many swimming pool owners. Here is a compiled list for the best kind of cleaning and maintenance that systematically helps you to keep your swimming pool clean.

Keep the Exteriors Clean

This applies very strongly to the above the ground swimming pools. The exterior walls must be kept clean at all times. It is necessary to prevent any scratches of breakages at any part of the exterior walls as they are made of metal and the smallest injury to it can cause rust to take place and thereby damage the entire wall. If such a pool has grass or weeds growing near it, one must be extremely careful while using a weed eater. This is to prevent any kind of scratches on the wall from contact with the machine. It is also advisable to clean the coping of all dirt and mud. Although the dirt doesn’t hurt, cleaning them escalates the visual appeal of the pool.

Caring and Storing the adder

This applies to both above the ground and in the ground swimming pool types. The ladder is bound to get dirty while it is being stored behind the garage or even if it is sitting out on the deck all winter. It is necessary to clean the ladder before you put it to use in the summer once again. More often than not, a good blast with the garden hose does the trick and there is no further need for any cleaning. It is advisable to not lower the ladder into the pool if it is dirty. There is no need to worry about any kind of stain on the ladder. Being in close contact with chlorinated water takes care of the stains in less than a week.

Prevent the Water from Getting Dirty

One has to spend a lot on chemicals to keep the water in the pool perfectly balanced. Hence it only makes sense to keep any leaves or other debris from littering the pool. Sometimes it is unavoidable but cleaning any debris and removing any fallen leaf with the help of a handheld net solves the problem. It is necessary to keep both above ground pools and in ground pools and their neighboring area clean to avoid any water borne disease or infections from spreading from the pool.

Clean the Liner

Lotions or sprays or creams that people use during the summer do come off while in water. These chemicals collect and accumulate on the liner which gives it a dirty look, It also makes it slimy and it is easy for people to slip off it, This therefore must be cleaned regularly. It is therefore necessary to use a vinyl liner cleaner to wipe off all this above the water surface. It is not very expensive and a one quart bottle will set you back with only around 5 bucks.

The Skimmer Baskets

The skimmer baskets need to be cleaned regularly. It helps to improve the water flow and keeps the filter running efficiently at all times. It is quite easy to clean the skimmer baskets. Again bring out your garden hose and out it to use. Also ensure that the hair trap in the pump is free. Clean it as necessary.

Vacuuming the Pool

Vacuuming the pool is an important part of any pool maintenance. Vacuuming not only removes dirt but also picks up algae from the pool. How frequently one must vacuum the pool depends on several factors. If there are trees nearby or if the pool is on top of a hill and gets a lot of wind or simply because the little ones track in a lot of dirt and mud into it. In such cases the pool must be vacuumed once every few days. Some pools remain perfectly clean despite being vacuumed once a month.