Monif C. always brings what is trendy and suitable for curvy women. Her Black and White collection is never disappointing, but it`s always fabulous, so curvy women who are fashion-lovers should not be worried at all – they always have what they actually need to look trendy and attractive. The Plus Size Black and White collection is considered to be chic and bold. The entire collection is designed especially for plus size women and ladies who are demanding, when it comes to fashion. Here`s the latest trend, the Plus Size Monif C. Black and White collection.

This collection was designed by Monif Clarke and Elaine Clarke, the mother-daughter “team”. Their work should be highly appreciated worldwide because there are only a few designers who represent the trend for curvy women. Why would they be excluded from fashion? They are also beautiful, they love fashion the same way like thin women do. Thus, all of the Monif C. Collections should be appreciated. Monif tries to bring something new in fashion that fits curvy women and are suitable for all plus size ladies. She probably believes that curvy women are beautiful too, but she`s actually right.

The new Plus Size Monif C. Black and White collection has a bold, black and white combined theme that perfectly highlights the fabulous look of all curvy ladies. This collection consists of beautiful, bold and chick dresses that can make every plus size woman to be proud of her trendy look. The most fabulous pieces of the Black and White collection are the Lourdes Dress, the Dana Dress, the Tabitha Dress, the Kate Dress and the Paige Dress. The Lourdes Dress is designed perfectly, in the combination of black and white lines that every curvy woman and fashion lover would love to have. The Dana Dress is a simple black dress, but the fabulous look that this piece is able to provide is simply amazing. This dress is an excellent idea for an in-trend night dress idea.

The Tabitha Dress is another fabulous piece of the Black and White collection that helps every curvy woman to be satisfied with her look. These are actually the dresses that can really express what real fashion and trend means. Furthermore, the Kate Dress is a black but a daring piece of this collection. Curvy women also prefer daring dresses that attract attention, so this is the perfect choice for this purpose. The Paige Dress of the Black and White collection is probably one of the most elegant dresses of this collection.

This is still not everything. There are some other very nice models in the Plus Size Monif C. Black and White collection, but these five models are those that deserve to be mostly mentioned. There`s nothing more that curvy women need for an eye-catching, fabulous but trendy look too! If you want to see the collection, search for it online and purchase the dress that best fits who you are!