After a lot of speculation in Hollywood, Universal Pictures has finally found their director for Fifty Shades of Grey. The studio has made an announcement that Sam Taylor-Johnson is going to wheel the movie adaptation of this best-selling book. The sole feature credit of Taylor-Johnson as a director of the film to date is for young John Lennon’s bio movie Nowhere Boy that starred Aaron Taylor-Johnson, her husband. The movie is also known as Kick-Ass. Rumors already began to spread by this afternoon with the broadcast of his wife being given the Fifty Shades of Grey shot, that Aaron will pursue the male lead character in the movie (Christian). However, the sources of Wrap state that this is not going to be the situation. Also, there are reports that Darren Aronofsky the director was first offered to direct Fifty Shades of Grey one month back but he passed.

Fifty Shades oddly began life by the author E. L. James as Twilight fan fiction, before she penned it, got it circulated, and it got to be an enormous hit. It’s also been named “Mommy Porn” by many, because of its erotic and mature themes and the general conception that the story is popular among the mommies.

Here’s the Universal’s logline on film: