Nowadays, most of the businesses are shifting their network to virtualization technology which is more efficient, reliable and convenient. In this technology, depending upon the needs of the user, separate hardware or softwares are removed to minimize the chances of errors. The computers on which this technology is applied are called virtual machines. A virtual machine behaves just like a normal computer but it uses virtual memory that is stored on a highly specified server. Backup virtual machinesoftwares are used to make backup of individual computers that share the same network. The main advantage of Virtual machines is that they are cost reducing as they do not have physical memory installed in them. Physical memory includes RAM, Hard Disk, and processor. They use the memory of a powerful local server that is strong enough to handle multiple virtual machines at a time.

Virtual machines (VM) are used as building blocks of infrastructure of any business. Collectively, they make up the database of the business over the time. Gone are those days when individual computers were bought in bulk for office and clerical use by businesses and they also had to bear the cost of separate operating systems for each computer. Nowadays, a whole business can be run on a virtualized network which contains a server and a lot of VMs. We must backup virtual machine in order to save the data that is stored on the virtual machines. For businesses that prefer to update their databases server on weekly or monthly basis, backup virtual machine softwares are the best option to save their data before they lose it.

By using virtualization each computer or a virtual machine becomes a part of the same network and we could use software virtualization to use the same operating system on each virtual machine (VM). Changes and modifications that are made on each virtual machine will be updated to the local server on regular basis but there is a risk of data loss before they are actually copied to the server. For this purpose, we backup virtual machine and intend to keep our database safe and protected from any damage or loss. Backup virtual machine softwares are quite user friendly and they are compatible with almost all the operating systems. Virtual Machines  are cost reducing and give you a lot of new features and benefits over the traditional, slow and out of fashion computers.