Excellent Reasons to Switch to VoIP | Internet Communication

Given the talk about VoIP in the business world, it is not a surprise to know that many organizations have decided to upgrade their communication systems. However, there are some businesses that are still wondering whether the benefits associated with VoIP are worth the expense and hassle of switching. If you are in the same boat, here are some excellent reasons to switch to VoIP:

  • VoIP calls are cheaper

When you opt for VoIP, it means the calls you make will be routed over the internet and your data network. No matter what their location, all local calls are free of charge whereas international calls cost only a fraction of the rates that monthly operators charge. This means that your monthly bill will be reduced significantly.

  • No need to maintain a VoIP-PBX system

With POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service), a PBX system has to be bought and maintained if you want to have enterprise features. You have to have in-house expertise or else you would have to pay carriers for expensive maintenance contracts. All this hassle has become a thing of the past with hosted VoIP. You can now enjoy all PBX features for enterprises online and use a dashboard for enabling and disabling them. You don’t have to buy or maintain any equipment.

  • No new hardware requirement

Just because you are upgrading to new technology doesn’t mean it has to burn a hole in your budget. If you buy hosted VoIP services from an outside vendor, the only hardware you need to purchase is an IP Phone. There are numerous options you can explore in this regard, such as Grandstream IP Phone, and even the most basic models come with a horde of features. Nonetheless, you can also upgrade when you need to.

  • Incorporate voicemail in the 21st century

There were times when people wished to manage their voicemail in the same way as email. Dialing your voicemail box to listen to messages and then deleting them can be a big hassle. With VoIP, things are simpler as your voicemails are transcribed and directly sent to your email inbox. They can be managed in the same way as you would manage your other emails.

  • Integrate voice with other business software

Enterprise software is used by numerous organizations in some departments. Since it is an internet-based service, it is easier to integrate VoIP with other applications. Customers can be called by sales agents from within their apps or they can attack voice memos or take notes seamlessly through VoIP.

  • Provide customers with the assistance they need

No one enjoys being put on hold constantly or being transferred to different departments for getting their issue resolved and this is where auto attendants for IVR systems come in. Smaller companies may not be able to afford them, but VoIP makes it all possible. This enables customers to choose which department, individual or group they wish to contact and get the help they need as quickly as possible.