Essential Features of Web Design!

Over time, the best practices and techniques of website design keep on evolving as trends change. When designing a website, there is no standard set of rules or guidelines that can be followed by people. There are several factors that can influence the final design of the website such as the functionality of the website, the kind of style the client wants and the features that the business needs incorporated. Although majority of the things aren’t absolute in a website design, there are certain features that are simply essential for designing unique and impressive websites. If any of these elements are missing, the website will not be deemed complete.

Apart from that, these essential features can aid a website in achieving a better ranking in search engine results. People should be aware of what the complete website design should be in order to get an understanding of the essential features. A complete design of the website is not just restricted to the aesthetical appeal of the site. It has to have a variety of other features and essentials for it to be fully functional and useful. The features are discussed as follows:

Optimizing Images

As far as the online market is concerned, the business should take every advantage available in order to survive in today’s competitive market. Blended search results have become quite common nowadays and they display videos, images and other features in search results. Therefore, the importance of images cannot be ignored by businesses at such a stage. They should utilize videos and images to help the website in getting better rankings in search results.

PDF Optimization

When white papers or brochures have to be shared over the internet, the common mode that’s used nowadays is that of PDF files. If the PDF file is optimized before being published, it’s more likely to get better rankings.

Website Footer

One of the most ignored aspects of a website includes the website footer. If your web page has interesting and engaging content, the footer is the last thing that any visitor will see. This indicates that the last opportunity that’s available to a website owner is the footer as it might encourage the visitor to do something on the website.

Custom 404 Error Page

There is a separate error code for every error that appears on the website. If a visitor attempts to access a page on the website that doesn’t exist, it gives rise to the 404 Error page.

Cross Browser Compatibility

It is the opinion of a number of designers and website owners that when a website is built and ready to be launched, it will be displayed in the same way as it’s shown on the screen of the creator. This, however, is not true. Depending on the browser that’s being used by people, the site will appear in a different way for every user. If this factor hasn’t been considered and the website hasn’t been optimized for every browser, it will not be able to function properly for every user and this can have a negative impact on its performance.