Enjoy Your Music With An Eco Friendly Attitude

Enjoying music at home is a personal experience and definitely one amazing experience, but enjoying your favorite beats with your friends is always most memorable. The common problem with beaches, lakesides and most picnic points is that you don’t find any power outlets there. Your sound system at home no matter how impressive it is cannot help you on picnic. That’s when you have to pick up your portable Bluetooth speakers. You can play these speakers using your smartphone, tablet or laptop. The important thing when you are getting these speakers is that they should be easily portable.

Have a look at the unique Ecobeat Bluetooth speakers. These speakers were designed to impress you. The best thing about them is that they have been made with all eco-friendly standards in mind. Bamboo is the material used in their making. Bamboo regenerates like no other plant does. Timber has no chance against bamboo that can grow up to 90cm in a day. Furthermore, bamboo can grow itself without requiring replantation from its newly formed shoots. Ecobeat has done a great job by keeping the colors of its speakers natural. The speakers are greatly portable because of their size and shape.

There are currently three styles introduced by Ecobeat: Lotus, The Ecobeat One and The Cube. Each style has its own personality but the main point to focus is their performance. Ecobeat is definitely going to make you and your ears happy with its performance. The sizes of the speakers are very compact but they are loud enough to keep you and all your friends dancing for hours. This brings us to the battery timing of these amazing speakers. Charge them once and they will stay with you for nearly 5 hours. Keep two pairs with you and you could enjoy music all day.

There are many other Bluetooth speakers available on the market but you would hardly find any eco-friendly Bluetooth speakers that also look as good as these. The Bluetooth range of these speakers is also great. You can operate the speakers from your laptop, smartphone or tablet from a distance of up to 32 feet. You can control the sound of your speakers and change the tracks from such a huge distance. In short, anything that you expect from expensive portable Bluetooth speakers is already there on these speakers. Despite these amazing features these speakers are greatly affordable.

The company has already focused a lot on the portability of these speakers by designing them in a particular way and choosing bamboo as the construction material. Bamboo is lightweight so your speakers will never seem heavy to you. However, to make things even better for the users the company has included a cotton carrying bag with these speakers. Whenever you go out you can put your speakers in this cotton bag. This will save space in your laptop bag but additionally it will protect your beautiful speakers from dust and stains. So go ahead right now and pick the style that you find most attractive.