Enjoy the Feel of Good Cigar Without Carcinogens With Electronic Cigars

The Electronic Cigar is an amazing alternative to e-cigar. It gives you the taste of a real traditional cigar, the same realistic look and come in the finest quality of packaging making it look very authentic. A good electronic cigar is capable to impress and satisfy any smoker. The room destroying foul odor is absent in e-cigars which is one of the most notable difference as compared to traditional cigars. Electronic cigars make it possible for you to enjoy a good tasting cigar at the bar or a poker table. You can choose from a low to high range of nicotine content suiting your preferences. It is puffed and inhaled in the unique way of a real cigar. All you need is quality components and e-liquid to feel the flavors of a traditional cigar. A refill cartridge of E-cigar is equivalent to approx 10 real cigars. Electronic cigars come in different flavors like Cuban, mellow and robust.

Prevent Yourself From Cancer By Quitting the Traditional Hand Rolled Cigars:

The more you smoke traditional cigars, the greater your risk of getting a disease. Tobacco smoking always has ill effects to your health. Tobacco and Cannabis contain carcinogen and lung tumor promoters. Carcinogens form a huge link between lung cancer and nicotine addiction. Carcinogens are a number of radioactive substances present in real cigars that are involved in causing severe DNA damage. They also have the ability to disrupt cellular metabolic processes in the body resulting in cancer. Tobacco smoke carcinogens are eliminated within e-cigars which are a development of vaporizers that deliver carcinogen free vapors.

Benefits of Cigar Over Traditional Smoking Elements:

E-cigars help in getting rid of tar, flame, pollution and carbon monoxide. The weight balance of the e-cigars feels like the original cigar. The traditional cigar produces a huge amount of smoke whereas an e-cigar produces lots of vapors, flavors which are unique in taste and smell. E-cigars come in strong flavors of taste and fragrance for their users but the other people in the same room cannot smell it. The impressive e-cigars can fool other people sitting in a room making it look like you are smoking a traditional cigar. You can opt for disposable E-cigars which last up to 1000 puffs and come in the mid-priced range so that a cheap knockoff does not bring you disappointment. It also enables you to save your money over real cigars. So enjoy the slow, savory and relaxing moment with electronic-cigars.

Never Run Out of Power Using E-Cigars:

E-cigars come with a portable charging case. They provide USB connectivity with personal computers, cars, etc. and make them easy to use in clubs and pubs. Their batteries come with a lifespan of around 300 charges. Luckily you need to charge your e-cigar only once a day. This information is useful for the first time buyers and for those who are looking to make another purchase. For a good battery backup you just need to clean your batteries regularly, unplug batteries after charging, and avoid fully draining your batteries.