Energy and Money Saving Tips for Hot Tub Owners

Despite the fact that energy suppliers have slashed prices recently, consumer groups are claiming these cuts could and should have been much bigger. Richard Lloyd, executive director at Which? said:  “Our analysis places a massive question mark over how suppliers have been setting prices over the last two years.

“They now need to explain to their customers why bills don’t fall further in response to dropping wholesale prices.”

If pressure increases to reduce bills further, more and more households up and down the country will start to realise that owning a hot tub could be within their budget. With so many cheap hot tubs for sale on the market, it seems as though running costs is the biggest issue for consumers.

But rather than waiting for prices to fall even more, why not take advantage of the following energy and money saving tips and purchase a hot tub right now?

The importance of the cover

Hot tub covers are one of the main ways you can conserve energy and heat. In addition to fitting properly, it must not have any noticeable or severe damage, as this won’t provide adequate insulation.

Common problems include heat escaping from around the hinge-fold due to deterioration and snapped insulation foam, which can lead to warmth escaping. Therefore, when purchasing a hot tub, try and receive assurances over the cover quality.

Then when it comes to maintaining the cover’s insulating properties, don’t sit or lie on it and clean regularly.

Protection from the wind

You’d be surprised at just how much difference the wind can make. Adverse weather conditions can cause a hot tub’s temperature to drop dramatically, so providing some protection from the elements is a very good idea.

Regardless of whether it is a panel, fence, shrub or bush, your windbreaker should fit in with the garden’s overall aesthetic. You may even want to invest in a purpose built hot tub gazebo, which will pay for itself sooner rather than later.

Check the settings and components

If you can deal with your hot tub being a couple of degrees colder, substantial savings can be made. On top of that, modern spas have economy modes for greater efficiency and automatic programs to heat up at a certain time.

It also makes sense to regularly check the cartridge filters because these could be clogged up or worn out. Along with reducing circulation and damaging the pumps, this can affect heater element efficiency as well.

Turn off unnecessary features

LED lights may look good and powerful jets can be incredibly relaxing, but when you’re not entertaining guests or soothing muscle pain, turn these features off to save energy.

Electricity consumption will spike if LED lights are constantly on while air jet controllers and blowers bring the water temperature down, making the hot tub work harder.

So, seeing as it is possible save money on the running costs, now is the time to take advantage of all the wonderful cheap hot tubs for sale and reap the rewards that a personal tub or spa can bring.  Be sure to check out leading companies such as HotSpring World for help and guidance regarding purchase and installation of your new hot tub.