Effective Email List Building Techniques

Email marketing is one of the biggest boons to the modern marketing techniques of professional businesses. Gone are the times when a business had to rely on the door to door marketing and advertisement methods on media. Now email marketing has evolved as one of the fastest and most effective method of boosting your sales and increasing the traffic to your website. But the question here is not that how much this technique is effective but the question is how to build a big list of emails to send the campaigns to as many customers as possible.

Effective techniques of email list building is required by every business in order to keep on increasing the email list and hence the list of potential customers.

There are a number of sources which sell the email lists and give a guarantee that the list is genuine but what you see is what you believe. If you build the email list by your own efforts the reliability factor increases on your part and therefore the marketing efforts are maximum. So, let us go over some of the best email list building techniques so that you can start preparing for your next marketing campaign while the list continues to grow!

Offer Freebies to your visitors

Everyone wants to get something for nothing and the people will be glad to share their email addresses if it carries a value for them. The examples of the freebies you can offer to people are-

  • A webinar invitation
  • Free whitepaper, a research report or an e-book
  • Giving access to an exclusive membership area
  • Free prizes or competition eligibility
  • A simple newsletter

Include an invitation for encouraging the readers to your blog subscription

Whenever you post your blog on other websites as guest posts or a third party blog, encourage the readers to subscribe or sign up and offer freebies if possible.

Use a squeeze page for list building

This is a great technique for list building. A squeeze page refers to a pre-sales info page and it asks visitors to sign up to receive the full information of the sales message. The main idea is to capture the email addresses of the viewers before they see the full sales message. You can also get more information through the subscription form in order to personalize your campaigns later.

Discounts and bonuses

You can also offer an attractive discount to the visitors if they are signing up for newsletters. The examples are- A 20 percent discount coupon or a good collection of targeted whitepapers or reports. This is obviously a great technique and a way to attract the subscribers by offering them discounts or some bonuses.

Remember that you should always be transparent in how you will be using the subscriber data in your company’s private policies. This will help in breaking the trust barriers.