Dr. Luke Slammed by Kesha’s Lawyer for Submitting Personal Correspondence

The legal team of former producer Dr. Luke has been slammed by Kesha’s lawyers for submitting personal and private notes as evidence in their ongoing legal battle. In 2014, the Tik Tok singer had filed a lawsuit in which she had alleged that she had been drugged, raped and abused by Dr. Luke, whose real name is Lukasz Sebastian Gottwald. The singer had also asked to be freed from her recording contract with Kemosabe, the subsidiary label of Sony Music, which is run by Dr. Luke.

The producer sued Kesha in response and accused her of defaming him. On Wednesday, a court hearing has been scheduled in New York and just before it, the legal team of Dr. Luke was accused by Kesha’s lawyers for submitting their personal notes as evidence in a move to discredit the singer. The purpose of the hearing is to determine if Kesha has to release documents that pertain to her own public relations strategy. James Pearl, Kesha’s lawyer had claimed in a filing that she had had to run a public relations campaign because Dr. Luke had tried to discredit her by disclosing personal correspondence.

Kesha’s lawyer compared the strategy of Dr. Luke’s legal team with that of Bill O’Reilly, the disgraced host of US news show. He said that the host had done the same when Megyn-Kelly had accused him of sexual harassment and had released her thank-you notes. A birthday card had been attached to Dr. Luke’s complaint, which had been given to him by Kesha and she had thanked him for helping her fulfill her wildest dreams. Earlier this year, O’Reilly’s bosses at US network Fox News had chosen to dismiss him when it came to light that he had settled a number of cases relating to sexual harassment.

He had released private notes between himself and Megyn Kelly, his former colleague, in response to reports that claimed he had made a settlement of $32 million for a claim. Complete name, Kesha Rose Sebert is being accused by Dr. Luke’s lawyer for orchestrating a public campaign and press strategy to falsely brand Gottwald as a rapid in order to force him to make a settlement.