The importance of style cannot be overestimated. It is paramount that all people understand the importance that a woman attached to the clothes that she wears. It is a well-known fact that alluring and elegant clothing is the main arsenal of a woman to project an image that will ensure that the people viewing her will consider her to be confident and independent. Hence, more women are clinging onto those clothing lines that help them to project an image of prominence, importance and impact. It is very important to understand that women always try to make their feminine persona, charm and charisma shine through so that men and other women alike are given a signal that the lady is a leadership ad a persuasive individual that can command attention and respect.

The latest style trends in women’s clothing are seeing a major paradigm shift. They are now parallel schools of thought that dictate the trend and fashion statement of a diverse range of women. There are some women who are more inclined of shirts, dresses and gowns. They are the feminist group of women of the twenty first century how want to preserve the feminine nature of women’s clothing. These women do no believe in a metro-sexual or androgynous look. They are strictly inclined to the traditional western styling of women’s clothing. So, they will have a major staple of skirts, dresses, gowns and evening wear. The second major group of women is the androgynous kind. These women are interested in cross sampling men clothing trends in women’s clothing.

The use of suits, shirts, pants and other traditional men’s clothing items make a prominent presence in the clothing ensemble of these women. These women in their young ages are referred to as tomboys. However, many convention challenging men are making waves in the fashion arena for incorporating men styling into women’s clothing. The use of suits and pants are now adopted by many business women who want to project a more formal, mature and confident look to their attire. Their justification for their clothing orientation is the subtle realization that suits and pants gave a more domineering personal touch to the already confident personalities of these women. So, they are all about making an impact in the field of work that they are dedicated to.

There is no question of traditional convention here. In this modern world, it is the most competitive and outgoing women who make an impact and progress forward in their career and lives. Hence, they will adopt the shirts, pants and suits for the most solid impact. Nowadays, there is a small minority of women who are traditional housewives or who are home bound. Hence, their line of clothing will be more conservative and orthodox. These styles are more prevalent in the eastern hemisphere where the emphasis is on modesty and traditional culture. But this style is also catching up in many other parts of the world. Therefore fashion trends change according to women’s needs and wants.