One of the most common skin problems plaguing women today is acne. It has become a very common skin disorder, which can simply be characterized by the formation of pimples and blemishes on the skin. Acne usually occurs when the follicles of the skin become clogged because of proteins and oils. This kind of skin disorder is typically restricted to puberty, but nowadays, adult women are also encountering this problem. Getting rid of acne is essential because it can mar the beauty of the skin and can leave scars if untreated. There are several effective ways for combating acne, but it depends on the severity of the condition.


Proper hygiene is the best and safest way of getting rid of acne. Pores of the skin are typically clogged by dirt and oils. Washing the skin at least twice on a daily basis, will keep the pores clean and will also eliminate dead skin. In addition, washing the skin frequently will keep it dry and this will also prevent acne. Acne can be prevented by keeping the face safe from dirty objects and maintaining its freshness. Some simple steps that women can take is to use a different or clean towel every day for washing the face and not sleep face down on a pillow.

Face Wipes

Keeping the skin dry and free from any kind of oil plays a huge role in fighting acne, especially in the case of a mild or moderate condition. It is not possible for women to keep on washing their face after every hour or so during the day time, but they can make use of face wipes for rubbing the face and getting rid of the excessive face oils. These face wipes have been especially designed for this purpose. Using acne face wipes can have some other benefits as well. Some of them come medicated with acne-combating medications such as benzoyl peroxide. However, one should be careful because excessive use of these face wipes can cause several problems.

Topical Medications

Topical acne medications are a useful way to fight acne and are usually effective for women who are suffering from moderate to severe acne condition. They can be applied on the face once it has been washed. It is common to use viscous, which comprise of chemicals like salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide that possess properties of fighting acne. It is also beneficial to avoid standard cleaners for washing the face and instead using one that is designed for reducing acne. Nonetheless, using these medications too frequently can dry out the skin and cause even more problems. Therefore, overuse should be avoided in all cases.

For reducing acne, exfoliating at least once every week can prove to be immensely helpful. This is due to the fact that exfoliation effectively removes the dry and dead cells from the skin. Furthermore, regular exfoliation will ensure that the skin feels refreshed, smooth and soft. By following the aforementioned tips, women can easily battle back acne and keep their skin healthy.