Backup Recovery is a method in which we recover files and folders that are stored in a database or even the complete system installed. Nowadays, there are softwares available on the internet that allow the users to make the backup of the database anytime they want and this enables them to recover their data even in the time of complete disaster. Companies enter in contract with software developers that ensure maximum safety and protection for their database and send their skilled and professional database administrators to maintain and update their client’s database. Keeping database up-to-date and protecting it from data loss is not a simple task and it cannot be done easily especially when the business is large and database size is huge and used by many users.

There are backup recovery softwares available that recover data even from corrupted files. Paragon backup and recovery comes with all the latest features and enables the users to get maximum advantage from the software. Although it is free of cost and you can download it from the internet anytime but this does not mean that it cannot be your first choice for professional use. It is compatible with all the windows versions and it is easy to use and install. VMware data recovery is backup recovery software that gives administrators huge number of options to pin down their choice of method and address their needs. We can keep our database updated on daily basis or whatever the way we like depending on our preferences.
Backup Recovery is possible by recovery manager that is given by the windows or we can decide to install third party software that is more efficient and allows you to use more features. There are softwares that do not simply copy the files and folders to a location but they make copy of the whole file system. This is a very useful feature because it also saves the configuration and the settings that the user has made over the period. Then there is open file backup, in which utilities make us enable to backup open files during the process of using Backup Recovery software to make a copy of our database. Then there is a type of backup in which the whole database is locked to the users which means that users cannot access the website or any of its pages when the cold backup is being made. This type of backup is more secure and reliable than the hot backup in which the backup is made while the database is actually running.

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