Cool, New Gadgets To Check Out Right Now | Safety Gear

Cyclists have more devices and gadgets to choose from than ever before. Some of the best innovations have been in bike security solutions, safety gear and wearables. The development of new gear is keeping pace with advances in electric bikes for sale. Find out more about the recent gear releases for an electric fat tire beach cruiser, city bike or hybrid bike.

Better Ways To Secure Your Ride

When you invest in a ladies electric bike or any other high-quality ride, you should protect your investment. Some next-generation locks make it possible to secure a ride to practically any fixed surface without the need to locate a nearby rack or pole. Smart bike locks pair with smart phones to provide keyless unlocking and theft detection features such as tamper notifications in real time.


Another innovative approach to bike security involves functional accessories with embedded tracking capabilities. These smart accessories should not be immediately obvious to most thieves. A GPS-enabled taillight provides wireless location data that enables you to track and locate a stolen bike.

The Best Smart Safety Gear

Safety gear is another area in which gadgetry has made major advances. Upgrade your bike to a tail light with wireless turn signals that you activate with a wireless remote or smart watch. Other innovative visibility solutions include rechargeable bike lights that illuminate your path and use a laser to project the symbol of a bicycle onto the ground about 20 feet ahead to notify nearby drivers and pedestrians of your approach.

Increase your awareness of your surroundings and record your rides by installing cameras on the front handlebars or back of your bike. A front handlebar camera can be useful for capturing footage on scenic rides, while back cameras can also function as a light to promote your safety. Bike cameras may capture looping footage, have the option to save or forget recordings and work for up to six hours on a charge.

New Wearables for Cycling

Some of the coolest cycling gadgets can be worn. No matter how you ride, you can benefit from putting on a smart bike helmet with features such as built-in LED lights, a crash sensor and smartphone connectivity. A number of brands that specialize in making cycling garments have also started to add lighted elements to clothing in addition to reflective designs for even more visibility.

The latest versions of illuminated turn signal gloves can also enhance the safety of any rider. These gloves are designed with LED lights arranged in arrow shapes. Lighted gloves may require two pairs of coin cell batteries. Some of the newest wearables are powered by kinetic or solar energy. Devices that feature adjustable daylight sensors can allow for extended low-light operation.

You may find these gadgets helpful when you need to secure your bike, and this technology can also increase your level of safety while riding by allowing for hands-free connectivity and increasing your visibility. Whether you rely on a bike for transportation or recreation, the right devices can significantly improve the quality of any ride you take.