Common Causes of Depression in Women

Depression is very common in almost every society and most victims don’t seek help until things get out of control. Some recent studies say that about fifteen million people in the United States put up with depression every year while the two third of this are women. This indicates that one in every four women is likely to suffer from depression at some point in life.  Although the causes and symptoms of depression aren’t too diverse in men and women, but depression in women is often different and therefore, women’s experience is different too. It’s wise to understand the causes and symptoms behind depression to get help minimizing the risk of falling into the disease and try to find an effective treatment.

Women with depression can affect almost every aspect of their own lives such as their relationships, social and professional lives and so on. In other words, the disorder can be very serious among this gender. A woman suffering from depression often experiences wretchedness along with a sense of helplessness, insignificance, and get despair.

In addition to that, sufferers are likely to feel culpability, feel ill-tempered, and cry excessively.  Exhaustion, sleeping difficulties, headache and difficulty in concentrating are some other symptoms of depression. Besides that, they don’t feel the desire for food nor take interest in everyday life including sex.

Depression symptoms vary from woman to woman. Many women with serious depression symptoms are found to be having suicidal thoughts whereas some of those have even tried to attempt the suicide too.  However, the ratio of attempting suicide is less in women than men but they have probably to get harmful substances such as drugs and alcohol with high dosage.

There are some causative factors for the disorder in woman. Certain genetic, interpersonal, emotional, and personality determinants often cause depression. Some women having a family history of mood disorders are more likely to catch this problem. Aside from that, women without family and friends’ support can lead to suffering from depression. Such factor leads the disorder worsens in certain cases where a woman loses this support from her parents before the age of 10.

Women suffering from depression tend to live in stressful environments before they become the victim of the disorder. Relationship problems, break ups or marriage spilt, and sometimes loss of an employment or business can also lead to misery and cause depression. Apart from that physical and sexual abuse in their childhood, usage of certain medicines, or some other contributing factors can also cause this disorder.