Cigarette Pants In History

The fashion of pants sees a new trend in recent times. Once known as skinny and straight pants, are much-admired as cigarette pants these days. The stylish trend of cigarette pants is very common in women and they love to wear it with a variety of beautiful tops and even kurtis.

The trend of cigarette pants did not pop up at once as it has spent ages to beat the mainstream. Arising as the latest fashion, cigarette pants possess a significant history that starts from the period of 1950. Let’s look back in the olden times to know more about the latest pant style in trends which actually is a revision of old skinny pants.

Cigarette pants in 50s and 60s

Wearing skinny pants was not as common in the 1950s as it became in 1960s. Many celebrities with sexy silhouette like Marlon Brando and Sandra Dee wore straight and skinny pants. The next decade of fashion brought a more common fashion of close and fitted pants having skinny shape made these cigarette pants the symbol of rebellion and craze. It gave an attractive look that was sexy and rebellious to the opposite gender.

Cigarette pants in 70s

The dawn of rock and roll kept the cigarette pants strongly in the fashion. There was not fluff and spark of disco age giving a boring wave of attire. The trend of 70s reminds us the elephant-bells along with some pleasing flare pants. The first phase of the skinniest pants saw a tight fitting as of the waist toward the ankles. Girls mostly made use of safety pins to keep the pants comfortable around the shape and to enhance a bondage attraction. The Ramones was the top example of the hippest trend of the era while Vivian Westwood was the owner of a shop offering the best cigarette pants of the time.

Cigarette pants in 80s and 90s

The pants had a whole fresh look in the fashion scene and skinny pants both for male and female were in the trend. These tapering leg pants made their place in the fashion world and the style continued to the period of 1990s. Extra-large sweatshirts and vibrant tights had a lasting praise. Chrisse Hynde and many other rockers had tight pants in their use for the sake of latest fashion.

The 90s witnessed some styles heading to the boot-cut but Cigarette pants recaptured their poise. The style lost their attractiveness for some period and was rarely seen on the musical vista. The cigarette pants also went through a disturbing phase and evolved into tapering leg fashion and even destroyed the charm by an introduction of horrifying fake denim tights that make most people unable to move comfortably.

Cigarette Pants In Period Of 2000 To Up-To-Date

Fashion styles keep changing but jeans always stays in trend. After ages of boot-cut styles with flair of palazzo, the skinny pants bring a fresh period full of desiring atmosphere. Another style also saw skinny pants wrinkling over high-heels and tucking into boots in 2002; and Versus and McCartney showed skinny pants. The fashion became more widespread among the celebrities in subsequent years giving a great gaze on runway models. Designers around the world still push the cigarette pants to be prevalent in the celebrities such as Kate Mose and Sienna Millar. Many celebrities introduce skinny pants and work in denim to produce fitted and stylish pants.