Backup software is an application that can be used to make backup of your data on some external data drive or on an internet server. Some operating systems like windows 7 and windows XP have this function to make backup of your data without using any third party software. You can make backup using windows built in feature which is a bit slower than the professional softwares but it is free as it comes with the windows. Using this built in feature you can make backup of your selected data on any storage device you have like a CD, DVD or a hard disk. It is better to usebackup software instead of windows built in feature because it is not reliable and you do not want to risk your whole database by saving a little amount of money by which you can buy professional backup software and make a duplicate copy of your database anytime you want.

Backup4all is backup software that is very useful for home users to make backup of their database. It is very cheap, easy to install and you can buy it online and start using it in no time. It enables you to save your database on a network drive, DVD, CD or a flash drive etc. People who are afraid to spend money on unknown software like backup4all can just relax because it offers a 30 day trial and you can use all its features for free and try to make copy of your database and see if it actually works fine.

Most of the softwares allow the users to make backup online or on some offline media device. This attracts a lot of buyers to buy the backup software that can make both types of backup. Some people have small databases and they cannot afford to spend extra money on buying storage device so they use the online backup feature of such softwares.

Norton Ghost is famous backup software that can be used to make backup of any size and any type of database. It makes the exact copy of the database and if your database is somehow lost, you can recover you most recent data and even the settings and changes you made quite recently. This is quite a useful feature for users who work online and make changes in their database several times because their database is continuously updated and it can be recovered anytime they want.