China Targets Operating System to Take on Google and Microsoft

Android is the operating system that’s dominating the smartphone market today with almost 70% market share. There are several other operating systems such as the Apple iOS and Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS that also have gained some market share to their name. However, if the latest reports are to be believed, it wouldn’t be long before China launches its own homegrown operating system in the smartphone and technology market. It is currently working on it and is expected to be ready in October. It will be able to take on its imported rivals Google Inc., Apple Inc. and Microsoft Corporation.

Computer technology is an area that has caused considerable tension between the United States and China because of several run-ins that occurred due to cyber security. Now, China wants its local industry to catch up and compete with imported systems that include Android, Google’s operating system and the Windows system belonging to Microsoft. According to the plans, China will first introduce the operating system on desktop devices and then expand it later to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. There are some already existing Chinese operating systems, but their technology is no match for the OS belonging to other countries.

The country wishes to introduce an OS that will be able to support various applications just like the ones that exist in the market today. They are hoping that the desktop operating system could be replaced by the domestically built software in a year or two and then mobile operating systems would be replaced within the duration of three to five years. In May, the Chinese government had imposed a ban on the use of Windows 8, which is the latest operating system launched by Microsoft. This was a major blow for the business of the US technology firm and gave rise to fears that China was making a move for protecting its domestic firms.

Microsoft is also undergoing an investigation in response to some anti-trust violations. Last year, in March, China had said that the Android operating system belonging to Google had a lot of control over the smartphone industry of the company and had also discriminated against some domestic firms. In the past year, there has been escalation in the mutual suspicions between the United States and China after the Edward Snowden, an ex-official of the NSA revealed that all US-made hardware had surveillance tools that had been planted by the American intelligence.

Meanwhile, in May, five of the Chinese military officers had been indicted by the US Justice Department because of considerably industrial espionage. Therefore, it was believed by the country that the ban imposed on Windows 8 presented a really good opportunity for the Chinese sector to make an effort for creating its own operating systems. However, further investment and development was needed by the industry in order to accomplish this goal. They have to create an environment that enables them to compete with the likes of Google, Microsoft and Apple in order to achieve success.