Chef Jobs Edinburgh: Find the Best to Reach the Top

Cooking lovers are born to cook. They are naturally attracted to peruse a career in the culinary industry. Of course, the art of cooking is truly magical for those who want to be innovative and passionate in their respective field. They collect fresh ingredients, mix them properly, and come up with a superb treat for your taste.

The quick fulfillment of most chef jobs Edinburgh is the practical sign of the work of art that today’s fine restaurants are showcasing through their variety of cuisines. Nonetheless, it does not necessarily mean that you have to be a chef with specialty in an haute cuisine. Instead, it simply means that you should aspire to be something in your life by choosing one of the chef careers. This even becomes more important when you look for a right opportunity among available chef jobs Edinburgh. This article will discuss some of the important chef careers that are in demand today and can provide you with a great beginning in your career.

Chef Job Edinburgh – Beginning Your Culinary Career

It is undoubtedly that a majority of successful chefs started their career after going through early education and training. They usually start cooking at a young age and most of them eventually ended up with becoming a chef in restaurants and 4-star hotels. They of course reached their best positions by choosing the best of chef jobs Edinburgh as well as exhibiting their passion for cooking right from the beginning.

The best part of chef job Edinburgh is that they require candidates to collect both new and traditional recipes and experiment them passionately. This generally refers to creativity, innovation, and passion that a chef must possess in order to prove their skills as a great cooking expert. They have to be passionate about learning new cooking techniques as well as watch local and international cooking shows to update them on the latest culinary trends. With your knowledge and experience, how you answer the questions asked by recruiters during an interview will play a significant role for you to get the chef job you applied for. Executive Chef, Hooria Hassan, recently published an ebook on Most Popular Chef Interview Questions and Answers. You should read it to prepare well for the interview.

If you too love cooking and have the passion for the same, there are higher chances of you to succeed in this field with a bright future.

Chef Jobs Edinburgh – Choose Your Specialization

In order for you to apply for any of available chef jobs Edinburgh, it is a must that you are certain about your cooking specialization. However, there are several things that you would need to take into consideration when picking your specialized field.

Let’s find out main specializations in the culinary industry here.

1.     Executive Chef

As the name suggests, this is the highest position that you can achieve in the culinary industry. Also known as group chef, this position requires you to take years of dedicated study, training, and hard work before you can attain it. Executive chefs are mainly responsible for managerial tasks though they rarely do cooking. They hire the kitchen staff, determine sizes of meal portions, ensure coordination for meal preparation, make the kitchen budget, and so on.

The Executive Chef has to involve themselves heavily in all decision makings that are directly linked with the restaurant. On average, group chefs make around $70,000 per year though it can be higher in some cases. Executive chefs usually get a formal education and subsequent training to get their hands on what they have learned so far. Once you are up to it, varying chef jobs Edinburgh are available to you, allowing you to choose the one depending on your educational background, specialization, and training.

2.      Chief Assistant

This individual can be considered the right hand to the executive chef. The culinary field also calls chief assistant a Sous Chef who is mainly responsible for administrative and cooking tasks. If you have the necessary education and training along with the required working experience, there is a variety of Sous Chefs jobs Edinburgh available to you. Once hired, you will need to create schedules for kitchen related tasks and deal with the customers.

At times, you may also need to act as a line cook (Chef de Parties) whenever needed. The chief assistant will also need to run the kitchen in the situations where the executive chef is busy somewhere else or not available for work. Since the position of a chief assistant is suitable for those with several years of cooking experience in different areas, they can make about $40,000 an average annual income.

3.     Line cook

Line cooks or Chef de Partie is another specialization or step in the ladder of top position in the culinary industry. You will find many individuals working with this title in the professional kitchens and fine dining restaurants. They are basically responsible for preparing foods in specific cooking areas, such as baking, fish, and others depending on the professional kitchen they are working in.

When you finish your training as a junior chef, you can easily apply for chef jobs Edinburgh and work as a Chef de Partie. Working on this position, you can make an average income of $30,000 per year.

4.     Junior Chef

This is basically the starting point to have your training as a Commis Chef or junior chef. This is also where you finally decide to whether or not to choose cooking industry as your line of business.  Junior chefs receive the required training to work up to the level, get a feel for how it is all about working in a professional kitchen since they need to work under the close supervision of executive and assistant chefs.

When you start as a junior chef, you will be mainly responsible for prep work, cleaning the kitchen, and setting up the cookware and required ingredients. As the name suggests, a junior chef does not need any prior experience to apply for relevant chef jobs Edinburgh. While you may earn up to $20,000 yearly in this position, this is the foundation of your culinary career. Once you are successful at the first stage, nothing can stop you from jumping to the next level.


In addition to graduate from a reputable cooking school, you will also need to have some professional experience so you become capable of working in a better environment. It is recommended to find available chef jobs Edinburgh in order to get employed in a kitchen. This is not only helpful to learn everything you are likely to do in your future job but also a kind of test whether or not you feel yourself fit to the nature of cooking job. Also, this may encourage you to go for apprenticeship or join a training program in your neighborhood. Your program choice ultimately depends on your specialization. This will eventually encourage you to avail existing opportunities that come from chef jobs Edinburgh. It is however not advisable to limit your education and training to your specialization. Instead, you should have knowledge about other numerous chef careers that are interesting, lucrative, and can bring you unlimited success-filled opportunities.