Can Yunnan Baiyao Help Stop Bleeding? | Help Stop Bleeding

Using This Traditional Chinese Medicine to Stop Your Bleeding

Yunnan Baiyao, or often referred as the white drug from Yunnan, is a traditional Chinese medicine invented in 1902 in Yunnan, China. It was primarily used to treat wounded soldiers during the wartime era in China, which has been proven to be very effective to treat various types of wounds and injuries. The medicine’s secret formula was later given to the Chinese government, which has been manufacturing this white drug up until today.

Since it was first intended to help soldiers recover from severe wounds and injuries during the war, the answer to the question is yes, this medicine can help stop your bleeding. In fact, any bleeding problems that you might experience, either because of accidents or health conditions, can be treated effectively using Yunnan Baiyao. The effectiveness of this medicine has been known worldwide, and it is very easy for you to find this medicine in your local Chinese medicine stores as well as online stores.

Just be aware that the original medicine has to come from the Yunnan Baiyao Group, which is the sole legal manufacturer of this medicine in China. This way, you will not fall for the fake products.

Here are some important things that you need to know about the effectiveness of Yunnan Baiyao to stop bleeding:

The Way This Medicine Works to Stop Bleeding

Yunnan Baiyao’s formula is a secret that only the Chinese government knows about. Even the workers who work on mixing and processing the ingredients from this medicine don’t know about the full formula of it. However, there are some active ingredients that are listed on the label of this white drug.

Some of these active ingredients are natural ingredients that are known to have healing properties that help to stop your bleeding. These active ingredients help to stop your bleeding by creating blood clots that essentially make the blood to be coagulated, which naturally stop the bleeding. From there on, the healing process can be done.

  1. Is Yunnan Baiyao Safe to Use?

Yunnan Baiyao has been used ever since the wartime era in China, in the year 1902. Up to this day, it has been used for more than 100 years. This medicine has been known to deliver positive results for most of the patients without any adverse side effects. Any side effects that might happen after using this white drug are usually not dangerous, and moreover, these side effects can only be experienced by certain people with certain health conditions.

Overall, this medicine is safe to use because it has natural ingredients that don’t cause any kind of adverse reactions in the body. It is also quite effective in stopping both your internal and external bleeding, and you can see the results in just a few days. It is safe to be used by anyone except for those with certain health conditions and for children 0-2 years old.

  1. Health Conditions that Can be Treated with This White Drug

Yunnan Baiyao has been used throughout generations to treat various health conditions that can cause internal bleeding in your body. Additionally, it is mainly being used to treat various types of wounds and injuries due to various causes, such as accidents, fighting, falling, and more. It has been used by millions of people worldwide to alleviate the pain associated with such wounds and injuries, as well as speed up the recovery process of your body.

This medicine can be considered an herb or a homeopathic medicine that has various natural and safe ingredients in its capsules or powder. Aside from treating various health conditions that can cause internal bleeding, this medicine can also be used to help you recover from injuries and heal any open wounds.

  1. Oral and Topical Treatment Procedures

Yunnan Baiyao can be used both orally and topically depending on the type of injury that you have. If you use it as an oral treatment, you can consume the capsule about 3 times a day or once every few hours. You can refer to the label for the usage instruction for children and adults.

For the topical treatment, you can use this medicine on wounded or bleeding areas on your body. You can either sprinkle the powder to the wounded areas or just make a paste from the powder and then apply it topically on the injured area. The bleeding on the wounded areas on your body will stop quickly once you do this.

  1. People who are Not Recommended to Use This Medicine

Despite its effectiveness in helping people alleviate their pain and recover their body from severe wounds and injuries, there are some people who are not recommended to use this medicine. Some of these people include pregnant women, children under 2 years old, people with hypersensitivity problem, people who are allergic to this medicine, and people with severe irregular heartbeats.

Also, after using this white drug from Yunnan for a few days while following the usage direction carefully, you should have good improvements in your health. You should also see that your bleeding has been stopped and your wounds have quickly been healed. However, if you don’t see any improvements in 3 days of usage, then it is recommended for you to stop using this medicine.

  1. Should You Follow Your Doctor’s Prescription?

If you have a certain health condition and you feel worried that this drug might make your condition worse, you can consult your doctor before using this medicine. You can even ask your doctor to give a prescription for using this white drug. However, if you don’t have any special health condition that requires special attention from your doctor, then you can use this medicine for yourself. But, you need to follow the direction of use carefully.

You can regard Yunnan Baiyao as a regular herbal or homeopathic medicine that you can take without a doctor’s prescription. It is completely safe to use, and it has been proven by millions of people. It is effective in helping you alleviate the pain associated with your wounds and recover your health quickly.


Yunnan Baiyao has been used for more than 100 years and throughout many generations, and it is proven to be very effective in helping millions of people worldwide to heal their wounds and injuries. It is also effective in helping people stopped the internal bleeding that they experience because of certain health conditions. Also, it has been used by many people to help them recover faster after performing surgical operations.

So, can Yunnan Baiyao stop bleeding? The simple answer is yes. It can help you stop both internal and external bleeding. With a simple application of this white drug, whether orally or topically, you can help your body to stop the bleeding caused by various injuries and health conditions, as well as recover your body to its healthy state.