Foot detox treatments and patches are often cleverly marketed as both whole body detox aids as well as weight loss supplements to tempt people into buying them to be healthier and hopefully weigh less. The basic theory is that toxins make you heavier and less healthy.

A body full of toxins should therefore weigh more than a body that has been cleansed or purged of the majority of its toxins. As the human body produces or absorbs toxins on a daily basis then detox measures also need to be taken every day to ensure that weight loss as well as detox can be maintained over a long-term basis. Should an individual only use the foot patches and foot detox goods for a short time period then their promoters contend that the weight loss efforts would only last for a limited time afterwards as the toxins would return to that person’s body and make it harder to get rid of fat again.

The concept put forward as a pro of using foot detox pads is that toxins aside from the fact that they are bad for you generally attract fat cells to attach to them. To put it in other words the more toxins in a person’s body the more likely they are to become and then remain obese. The presence of toxins makes it more difficult to get rid of fat either through dieting regimes, or indeed through increased amounts of exercising.

There is no denying that sticking to especially strict dieting regimes can take a tremendous amount of will power on the part of individuals, as can increasing the level of exercising people do, particularly when they have busy personal and work lives. Let’s face it many thousands if not millions of people join weight-loss/slimming groups or gyms yet never stick to going for a prolonged period of time, or they simply get back into the same old habits. Just knowing that foot detox pads treatments can be attached to your feet within seconds makes them more attractive to the great majority of people that have very little amounts of spare time. That is also a major selling pitch for the companies that sell diet or slimming tablets that compete against these treatments for peoples’ hard earned cash. You can see some tips on perfect usage of these tips on a good foot detox website.

Essentially if anybody believes that foot treatments do in fact assist weight loss then they will need to carry on using them. For if an individual only uses those treatments for a set amount of time then they will stop working as soon as the last dose has left the body. Whether or not they assist weight loss is a moot point once the supplements or patches are no longer being used.

It should be remembered that even if foot patches can assist weight loss, the amount of assistance it gives can easily vary from person to person. In that respect at least these foot based treatments are exactly like all their competing methods or treatments for weight loss as age, gender, and metabolic rates can affect the ability or otherwise of people to lose weight.