Business Case Study Writing: How to Create a High-Quality Paper

By developing an action plan that, in combination with a reliable business plan, will give your company advantages and benefits, you present this business case to decision makers. This important document presents all facts related to the action plan, including financial requirements for reorganization (optional). Writing a business case will help you identify problems and find solutions to them that have never occurred to you before; managers can use this case to gain an investment advantage over other projects.

How to Write a Business Plan Like a PRO

Outline a problem that can be solved with the help of your suggestions, or the possibilities that your case offers to use for profit. For example, “customers complain about grammatical errors in our reports and therefore do not use our services and do not recommend us to others.” Professional business case study writing on 50% depends on expert written problem statement.

Describe the solution to the problem in detail, including its scope and objectives. For example: “You need to hire a professional editor to read the final versions of the reports before sending them to clients. This will help avoid grammatical errors. If the effectiveness of the reports increases, hire more editors to proofread the remaining documents.

Tell exactly how your plan of action will solve the problem or help take the opportunity; explain the structure and hierarchy of the project (in detail), mention alternative solutions. For example: “The editor will be accountable to the office manager, who, in turn, is responsible for receiving reports to clients. Or you can hire a student trainee from a local business school to read documents; if everything works out, it will be possible to formalize it to work officially after graduation.”

Write down the cost and financial benefit analysis of your action plan. Here you must show the reader the effectiveness of investing in your offer. For example: “Over the past six months, we have lost at least two clients due to the fact that they contained grammatical errors in our reports. It cost us about XX XXX dollars (due to future profits). If we hire an editor, it will cost XXXXX dollars a year, which will save XXXX dollars there.”

The business case should be concise and informative. Indicate the time frame for your project, so that the reader believes in the possibility of its implementation. Here you need to mention the details of the implementation of the project, targets and key points. For example: “Candidates for the position will be interviewed by the office manager, he will also lead the work of the editor. Training of the new frame will take place on the spot, and job responsibilities will first be flexible. Six months later, a special commission will evaluate the results of the project and the need for such a post.

Assess the background of your action plan, then include information about the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and pitfalls of your project. This will show your readers that you (or your subordinates) objectively consider the chances of a successful business model. For example: “We decided to give the editor a job that was occupied by the recently retired consultant Joe. If there is no workplace, we can train the editor in the conference room and chat with him on Skype until we have a table for him.

Complete the business case by re-stating the problem or opportunity that the action plan will address. Arrange the key points of application of your plan, summarize the financial benefits and indicate the costs that follow if the plan is not applied. Write the conclusions of the business case, as well as an annotation to it. This annotation is then placed at the beginning of the description of the case (although it is written in the last place). All you need is the most important information from a complete business case and very few details. If you are not sure you can deal with this assignment yourself, and it is totally normal, because, being a professional, doesn’t mean being a professional in everything, you should address a reliable case study writing service for assistance.