Bug Exposing Nude Photos of Celeb Fixed by Apple

The day started with the news of nude photos of prominent actress Jennifer Lawrence and other celebrities that were released online. Initially, it was presumed that it was a bunch of hackers who had gained access to their phones and leaked the photos as a prank. The question was how the hackers had managed to do so? The answer became a bit clear when it was learnt that Apple Inc. had released a security patch for a bug that could have allowed hackers to get some access to the iCloud accounts of its users. According to the reports, this vulnerability in the iPhone maker’s system was revealed on Github, the code hosting website.

The website said that developers had discovered that it was possible to compromise the ‘Find my iPhone’ feature of Apple Inc. by some brute forces that try a number of passwords until they are able to find the right one that can be used for gaining access to an account. It is possible that hackers could have used this avenue for finding out the Apple ID of a user and then unlock their iCloud storage. Most websites lock out people who enter passwords multiple times, but this protection wasn’t available on Apple’s website. The problem first came to light on Sunday, but Github later stated that the problem had been resolved by the iPhone maker on Monday.

However, it is yet to be confirmed if this is the only or even the same security flaw that was exploited by hackers for scooping off the personal and private pictures of Jennifer Lawrence and other celebs. Nonetheless, it was also discovered that the photos weren’t just leaked from iPhones, but different devices were hacked. This meant that the hacker or hackers could have accumulated the photos from different places for a while and then leaked them together. The experts said that it could be one hacker or even a group of them and could have been compiled for months or even years.

According to the online posts on websites, about 100 celebrities had their photos leaked when their cloud-based storage was hacked by someone. It wasn’t just the Hunger Games start, Jennifer Lawrence, who had her privacy invaded, but there were other victims including model Kate Upton and actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Lawrence’s spokesperson made a public statement saying that this was a violation of privacy and anyone who posted the stolen photos of the actress would be prosecuted and authorities had also been contacted for handling the matter.

People had expected the star to deny if the photos were real, but that wasn’t the case. Upton and Winstead also acknowledged that the stolen photos weren’t fake. However, Victoria Justice, the Nickelodeon start and Ariana Grande, the singer denied the authenticity of the photographs through Twitter. A statement was made by a spokeswoman of the Cupertino, California based company, Nat Kerris, which said that user privacy was of the utmost importance to the company and they were actively making investigations into this report.