Boots are functional, practical, and yet stylish footwear for women. Boots are designed to accommodate in water, snow, and mud or dirt without discomfort and inconvenience. Its purpose is to keep your feet warm in the chill of cold weather, and to protect your foot form filthy water, snow, mud or any other exposure. Boots are considered by masses a bold and stylish fashion accessory. Boots make life active and functional in extreme weather conditions be it rain, snow, or cold. Boots are the requirement for various activities like horse riding, hiking, or simply tip toeing in countryside.

Boots are generally made of leather, rubber, suede, patent, or steel. Boots are the essential accessory for some sports, voyage missions, and arm forces. The best thing about boots is that they go amazing well with any outfit or occasion; you can wear them to a party or you can pair them with your power business suit, on vacations boots are the hottest footwear. There are countless types and designs of boots to choose from; which makes it sometime difficult to choose a right one, thus some of most popular ones are narrowed down below.

Winter Boots: It is a pure delight in winters to wear boots and combat cold and snow along with any other hazard. Winter boots are made up of leather or suede with leather soles. Winter boots keep you warm and keep you on your feet to do your daily chores.
Wellington boots: Imitated on British aristocracy, the Duke of wellington popularized wellington boots. Now wellington boots are extremely functional in rain or mud and highly fashionable accessory for women.

Cowboy Boots: Cowboy boots are a symbol of American Ranch spirit, it is used in riding and farming, basically cowboy boots are the most preferred countryside footwear. They are excessively comfortable and practical, yet a style statement for women.

Ankle Boots: Ankle boots are popular for daily wear; it comes in high or flat heels, brilliant and subdued colors, and stylish designs. You can pair it with both formal and informal attire.

Rain Boots: If it’s raining endlessly and you have lots of errands to do then wear rain boots and do all your errands without being worried about rain or filthy water. Rain boots are made up of rubber, plastic, and leather. They come in pretty bright colors and are highly convenient.

Knee Boots: Knee boots are highly fashionable and functional. They come in bright as well as light shades and feature both high and low heels. They can be worn with both business suits at work and evening wears at party.

Sports Boots: They make sports easy and save with their thigh high wrap for your legs. Sports boots are available at every retailer in good quality, and stylish designs.