Today, explosive detection dogs are having high demand than a CCTV camera. These dogs are master in detecting explosives of all kind. During training, these dogs go under dangerous tasks, such as explosive detection, which includes TNT, dynamite, detonation cord, ammonium nitrate, Flex-X, Slurry Gel and smokeless powder.

Dog that is used in this type task is K-9. A K-9 has the ability to learn faster than other dogs. These dogs are excellent sniffers and attackers, whereas worldwide armies, rangers and even navy seals prefer this dog in their special missions.

Training for a bomb detection dog begins with obedience. Since it is just a beginning, trainers teach basic commands to their dog. Commands include heel, sit, fetch, recall, attack and down. This training also includes language such as English, German and Czech but it depends on you what type of language (other than these) you want to teach your dog.

After basics, comes focus. In this part of training, dogs are taught to remain focused in case of gunfire, loud noises and crowds that are daily routine distractions. A K-9 must concentrate in all sorts of distractions because if they get scared or lose focus things might get though for them to survive in this kind of situation.

Last part of dog training includes searching for bomb in buildings, houses or in bags. In this part, trainers perform a demo in which dogs first sniff the explosive material then are set free to search the building and find the culprit bag, box etc.

In case of vehicles, dogs are allowed to search the vehicles of all types like bus, van, minivan, truck, trolley, car etc. When it comes to search a bag or luggage at airport, station or bus stand dogs are trained to sniff all types of luggage material that may have explosives, drugs or even metal like guns, etc.

Due to increase in terror threats, some dogs are also trained to search aircrafts. These dogs specialize in metal sniffing which includes sniffing thick and thin metals. These dogs have more sniffing ability than other dogs. They can detect any kind explosive and drugs through one meter metal or more. A bomb detecting dog has more medical fitness than other house or office dogs.

After their full training as a passing out parade, these dogs are awarded with dog detection certificates with approval stamp of training institute.