Thorsten Heins, RIM CEO, claims that RIM’s new Blackberry 10 is going to provide the company with a growth framework in next decade. It might drop in history with “see, I mentioned I have been sick” and “do not be silly an elephant at this range cannot be hit” as a few of the most popular last words.

Thorsten Heins has been exerting the hatchet at RIM and believes the company can go for at least $1 billion of savings.  Indeed RIM has saved $800 million already. However, his cunning strategy still relies on the latest smartphones that are going to be launched in January 2013 in order to bring back a huge number of customers who left the company for more advanced phones released in the last few years. Heins believes that the Blackberry 10’s advanced-level security is what business consumers cannot really ignore.
However, consumers are becoming good at leaving behind RIM.  In fact, customers are perhaps better at evading the mobile phone manufacturer than they are at noticing the wino beggar standing on the road and shouting. RIM failed the 2011 release of its tablet that was thought to be taking out the iPad. Though it was a good hardware, the software it had was rubbish and required many updates. RIM also delayed the BlackBerry 10 phones roll-out to the 2013’s first quarter, so as not to recap the mistakes that bounded the launch of PlayBook. But, in doing this, RIM did miss Christmas sales. 

Now there are doubts that Blackberry 10 may even be outdated comparing to the recent phones generation. True the phones do have a minute QWERTY keyboard famous with a lot of BlackBerry customers. Users skim a finger or thumb to move from one program to other and can snitch a glance at a new email while being on Internet or utilizing other programs, a multi-tasking capability that as per RIM, other devices lack.

The application library presented at release is not going to match the large number of applications on other devices. RIM had selected to focus on offering those applications required in various markets all over the world. It anticipates around 100,000 applications to be available at launch. Developers explain that Blackberry 10 is not bad; however, financial analysts come up with mixed opinions on their prospective reception in this competitive market.