Biological Dentistry - Oral Care in a Different Way

From a very young age, every individual is informed and taught about the importance of oral health. Children are taught to brush their teeth twice a day to keep the teeth clean, shiny and healthy. Even when we are adults, it is necessary for us to keep our teeth in perfect condition or else they become vulnerable to numerous infections and diseases. Apart from cleaning the teeth on your own, individuals also have to visit the dentist for regular checkups. However, most people stop visiting the dentist because they find it painful to have their mouth inspected with sharp instruments and consider the treatments invasive. This evasion can have huge consequences in the long term for individuals.

They can choose to visit such dentists in San Diego who are practicing biological dentistry. While there are several dentists in the San Diego dentistry circle who have adopted this approach, there are others who do not believe in it. Even though this method hasn’t been widely accepted as yet, the fact cannot be ignored that more and more people over the world are embracing it and wish to be treated by a biological dentist. This is due to the fact that people are demanding to be treated with a safe and healthy approach, rather than the painful and dangerous one used by conventional dentists.


Moreover, there has also been rising evidence that the procedures and methods of holistic dentistry have the ability of providing the same clinical outcomes as traditional dentistry, but without any side effects or negative consequences. A whole-body approach is implemented by a biological dentist when they are dealing with issues of oral care. This method has been culled after years of research and has been deemed to be effective and beneficial at the same time. The principles of holistic dentistry do not believe in inflicting any sort of harm on the patients during or after treatment.

Therefore, some methods such as the installation of amalgam or silver fillings, putting in of crowns and dentures and even root canal therapy is not a part of holistic dentistry, even though these are important elements of conventional dentistry. According to holistic practitioners, there is not enough evidence that supports the use of some treatment and methods used in traditional dentistry because they seem to be more harmful than beneficial for patients. According to these dentists, the methods can pave way for a long list of health issues and are not in the best interest of the patients.

As opposed to conventional dentistry, biological dentistry is a combo of the natural therapies and the healthy traditional procedures. These have been put through the test of time and seem to have provided positive results. This approach does not believe that any aspect of health can be treated in isolation because it shares a strong connection with another. Therefore, different elements such as previous dental treatments, nutrition and lifestyle are the focus of biological dentistry during the treatment process for providing complete services.