Best Tips for Communicating Better in Relationship

We have all heard it at some point or another, ‘Communication is key’. But, the question is where exactly can you find this key? Anyone who is in a relationship has struggled with communication at one time. Whether they are family relationships, friendships, work relationships or romantic relationships, all of them are going to have some communication problems. It is essential for the people involved in a relationship to communicate with each other to ensure it remains strong and ongoing. Otherwise, the bond may weaken over time and create a huge distance that may never go away.

You need to have good communication skills in order to ensure you and your partner can work through any problems in the relationship. Listed below are some great tips that can aid you in improving communication in your relationship:

Understand your partner cannot read your mind

It is unfair of you to expect your partner to know what you are thinking and what you need. They are not psychics so they cannot read your mind. Sure, you may believe you are being obvious about how you think or feel, but it may not be so apparent to your better half. If you are not saying it clearly, your partner is going to stay clueless.

Talk face to face

It is a bad idea to discuss important issues and problems over the phone. The big issues should always be discussed in person, when you are face to face with each other. There is going to be miscommunication if you say things via email, text or even phone. Your partner cannot see your expression or read your body language so things are going to get lost in translation.

Speak the truth

It is not really a relationship at all when you are walking on eggshells around your partner and are afraid of saying what you really feel. A good relationship is one where you can be open with your words and heart. Hearing the truth may be tough on your partner, but it is crucial for a healthy and strong relationship. Honesty is always the best policy when it comes to improving your communication.

Listen attentively

There is one listening where you are doing something and hearing your partner drone on in the background. You make agreeable noises every time they take a pause. This is not the way a relationship can work. You have to actively listen when your partner is saying something. You have to hear what they have to say, which means you need to make eye contact, repeat what you heard and comfort and pat as required.

Pay attention to your body language

You have to know your own body language as well and not just your partner’s. When you are communicating with your spouse, you need to know what signals your body language is sending to them. The body can actually say it all, even if it is just arms crossed or a little eye roll. Your body should match the words coming out of your mouth to make it effective.

Communicate via actions

Yes, words are important, but they also need proof to back them up or else they will just be rendered meaningless. Haven’t you heard? Actions speak louder than words. Hence, when you tell your partner that you care about them, you also have to show it with your actions. Words are not going to be enough to convince them.

These communicating tips can go a long way in bringing two people closer together and strengthening their relationship for the better.