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Multimedia speakers or computer speakers, as they are commonly referred to, are undeniably important, not just for home, but also for the workplace. They are immensely useful in media industries such as music, television and news media and are also important for listening to audio information. Other critical applications in the workplace include using multimedia speakers for making conference calls or even during events. There are a number of features you have to bear in mind when comparing multimedia speakers such as sound quality, volume control, size, stereo or surround and subwoofer and tweeter amongst others.

Listed below are some of the best multimedia speakers for 2017 that you can get according to your budget:

Under $50

If you are looking for an inexpensive and compact speaker set that offers good sound quality, the Logitech Z200 is a good start. They don’t take up a lot of space and each uses just 10 watts of power so they are not incredibly demanding either. You get a rich stereo sound with 2.5 inch drivers and there are two audio line-ins so they can be used with multiple devices. Plus, they are compatible with tablets, smartphones and computer sound cards.

Under $100

For 50 years, Bose has been a renowned name in audio technology and their Companion 2 Series III is a great choice. You get a compact stereo speaker system, which doesn’t cost that much and can be used with computers as well as other devices. They are 7.5 inches tall so they won’t hog up a lot of space either and comprise of powerful drives that give them a high-quality digital stereo sound. You can plug these affordable speakers in your laptop and tablet at the same time.

Under $150

If you are looking for optimal audio, you will find no better option than the Edifier R1700BT Bluetooth Bookshelf speakers. They don’t take up a lot of space on your desk and also offer you manual control knobs for making adjustments to the tone and volume. There is also a remote control provided that you can use for making changes to the settings from a distance, which makes them an excellent choice for conference rooms and other similar environments. Their wooden construction and large size gives them excellent sound quality and they boast some amazing features. You can check out other bookshelf speakers at Bookshelf speakers under 200 as they can give great output at reasonable prices.

Under $200

The size of the Audioengine A2+ speakers is definitely misleading, but each speaker has a weight of four pounds and both pack quite a punch when it comes to sound. They come with a low frequency subwoofer transducer and a tweeter. You can enjoy great volume with these sleek-looking speakers and their attractive design and small size makes them an unobtrusive choice in the workplace. Not only do they have Bluetooth support, but also include USB digital audio inputs and the traditional audio-in as well thereby providing you with numerous ways to connect with your devices and power whatever media you want.