Keeping a dog at home is not a big problem but to make it obey, you have to work hard in training your dog some good skills. In order to maintain good trust, co-operate and control, you have to be positive while you are training your dog. To be positive; all you have to do is praise or appreciate your dog when it performs a trick correctly.

To make your dog more like a well-behaved canine citizen, there are certain commands you have to teach it while you are training. Commands include sit, heel, fetch, stay etc. and while teaching your dog, be happy and maintain friendly voice so that it may look like a dog training not an army training. There are some important reasons for owners to be happy and positive. One them is, when you train a dog and it makes mistake, you have to tell him/her repeatedly because you are going to punish him or beat him with stick, the only thing you will get is that your own dog will be afraid of you.

So, until now we have learned, patience is a key component in dog training. While training your dog, if you feel like things are getting out of control, stop training or do not attempt to train. The reason to halt is, dogs are incredibly smart therefore, the moment you are in a bad mood, and they will pick up your emotions and will act accordingly. Remember this is fun!

Before beginning to train your dog make sure you have a puppy of few weeks old. Few weeks old dog is easy to train, since they are newly born their ability to learn is far better than elder dogs.

For dogs, a single command and fifteen minute training is like more than enough. Focusing on one command will help you to anticipate its moves and ending it after fifteen minutes will allow your dog to think what it has learned on that training.

In the end, remember one thing, dog training is fun! Dogs are known to be man’s best friend but to maintain that kind of relationship you have to be patient in all training sessions. It is important for both you to understand each other’s personality, nature, like and dislikes. Therefore, if you keep it positive and simple, you will have a dog with good skills, behavior, obedient, loyal and never ending friendship.