Benefits of Sunroom Over Swimming Pool

What does a sunroom over a swimming pool mean? It refers to a glass room that is built over a swimming pool for multiple purposes. Most people prefer to warm up the water in their swimming pools so that they don’t feel too cold when they go for a swim. Water heaters and pumps are used for this purpose. The main disadvantage of using a water heater is that it requires a lot of energy to run on. It also doesn’t fall under the environment friendly category. In that case, one would ask why water heaters are used when there’s a better and more sustainable alternative to it.

What’s the alternative?

The alternative being talked about in the above lines refers to an environment friendly way of warming up of water in swimming pools. This is done using the scientific principle of greenhouse effect.

Here’s what happens:-

The sunroom constructed of glass acts in such a way that it traps the heat that travels with the rays of the Sun. When these rays enter the room, the heat is trapped and the light reflected. The glass panels trap heat continuously so much so that the temperature of the sunroom starts rising. As the temperature of the room rises, the water in the swimming pool starts heating up too. This effect is called the greenhouse effect because it commonly takes place in greenhouses is used to an advantage to encourage the growth of plants which require a warm environment to grow. This can also be observed in parked cars. Even though sometimes you park your car in the shade, it is heated up as soon as you unlock it and sit inside. Next time, blame the greenhouse effect for causing this heating.

Is greenhouse effect harmful?

Considering the current situation when we’re only talking about a sunroom, greenhouse effect can be used to the best of its advantages. It will help save energy consumption and your electricity bills. This is not it though. The best part about a sunroom being used to heat a swimming pool is that it doesn’t pollute or contaminate the water. It is a natural and clean process. The water doesn’t come in contact with any external machines that may contaminate it. Water heaters need to be maintained and cleaned frequently to avoid contamination and the propagation of delays. It also requires you to install a filter to ensure this.

What other benefits does a sunroom offer?

Scenic beauty is one. You can swim during rainy weather or sunny weather regardless of external conditions, a sunroom over your swimming pool provides you with a sense of security and an added level of cosiness. Sunrooms over swimming pools are easy to construct and not very costly. This allows you to add to the beauty of your home without having to spend a lot of money continuously.