Landscaping with Trees

There are many great reasons for landscaping with trees that are both great for your home’s look and appeal, and also help the environment for all. A mature tree or group of trees can make a backyard come to life and give it a feeling of security and permanence. Look at a mature development compared to a recently built one and you can see and feel how the homes look. Remember that trees absorb carbon dioxide and emit clean oxygen through photosynthesis, and that has to be a good idea next to your home.

As well as providing a green canopy surrounding a home, trees also provide shade, which can be invaluable in the summer heat, especially where the summer heat is intense such as in Dallas. One caveat with trees is that they must be looked after, and do require some occasional maintenance. It is great to have shade near your home, but if the tree is too close or too overgrown, then the benefits of shade can become a drawback if the light coming into the windows is stopped, as the rooms inside may be too dark.

So it is important to make sure that tree care is part of your landscaping maintenance plan. If the trees are ornamental and not too high, then pruning and trimming can be easily done by a handy homeowner, however for large trees that need substantial cutting back with ladders and chainsaws, then it is better to leave that to a professional arbor service company.