Whatever you are, you must be inspired by someone. If you are a doctor, engineer, scientist or in any other professional, you must have some inspirations from somewhere, from somebody to become what you are today. You need career counseling if you have nothing in your mind. You can be your own career counselor as well at some particular stage. It depends on which stage you are seeking for career counseling. Normally your parents and teachers act like as your career counselors at the early stages. When you need to join college and you will be attending the classes of your professional education. This is the stage when you need to decide about your profession. May be you are interested in fashion designing so you should not be forced to be an engineer. Even if you join the classes of engineering, surely you will not be able to become a great engineer.

For example, if you have selected the field of Information Technology as your profession at initial stage, with the passage of time, you can easily understand about its different branches and specializations. This is because you will be studying everything thoroughly. But finally, you would have to select some particular subcategory from IT. Let’s say you feel yourself very motivated to do programming then you must learn different programming languages. Take maximum courses in your final semesters related to programming. Go for higher studies of programming languages. If you feel that you are good to create web pages then you can go for web development. So actually, you are making your own way. At the very first stage, you need simply a guide who could tell you a right direction towards your goals. It is not necessary that it will be some professional career counselor. Your guide can be your mom, dad, teacher or anyone else who is your well wisher.
You need the career counseling if you think that you are confused with several options. If you still want to be your own career counselor then you can easily do that. If you have options for yourself to join different fields and you don’t know which one is the best for you then you need to conduct a research. You need to find out the details of all the available options. You can take help from the people of particular fields. You can use the resources of internet as well. Get to know about the advantages and possibilities to prosper in all the fields. Also find out which field has more job opportunities locally and internationally. Then try matching them one by one with your interests. If you find something matching with your area of interest, it should be your choice. So you can become your own career counselor. 

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