Basic Safety Driving Tips For Beginners | Driving Tips

Perhaps one of the most exciting stages in adulthood involves the phase where an individual finally starts learning how to drive. There is a sense of independence and freedom, coupled with being able to maneuver a car or a vehicle and take oneself to their desired destination. It eliminates the hassle of waiting in line for hours to catch a ride to work or home.

On the other hand, while the idea of being the one behind the steering wheel may sound exciting, there is also a heavy responsibility coupled with it. Drivers must be focused and alert at all times. There are road signs and rules in driving that must be observed at all times.

Doing so helps lessen the possibility of road accidents, and it also keeps the streets safe for pedestrians. All renowned online booking sites for driving instructors and driving schools EzLicence make sure that their drivers possess familiarity and a keen understanding of the fundamental etiquettes of driving.

Safety driving tips may sound like a pretty basic body of information, but it is very crucial in determining how well-suited a learner driver is for maneuvering any vehicle.

To keep newbie drivers from feeling overwhelmed and pressured, this blog lists down the essential guidelines that most drivers should bear in mind whenever they are out on the road:

Get to know the car’s structure and mechanical components— every vehicle is different, and new drivers must understand the necessary parts of their vehicle. They must also be familiar with the essential steps in maneuvering a vehicle; and includes knowing when to shift to a reverse gear or a lower gear to performing the most basic car repairs such as changing tires, jumpstarting the car’s battery or adding and changing the car’s oil.

Stay focused— As much as possible; get rid of anything that could cause a distraction while driving. Turn off the music, correct one’s sitting position behind the steering wheel or ignore calls and texts if necessary.

Always follow the speed limit and maintain a safe distance from other vehicles — the road is not a race track for drivers to show off their quick or careless driving skills. Among the most common causes of road accidents are drivers who exceed the speed limit and try to overtake all vehicles ahead of them. For most drivers, it requires tons of patience before they can adapt the said rule into their system. Thankfully, most driving instructors in driving schools at EzLicence make it a point to stress the importance of following the speed limit to their students.

Make sure all intersections are clear— beating the red light is a dangerous habit of some drivers. Whenever they see a green light turn yellow, they instantly drive at full speed to keep themselves from being caught by a red light. In worst cases, some drivers ignore traffic light rules and continue driving even when the stoplight is on. When crossing an intersection, always make it a point to ensure that both directions from the left and right sides of the road are free from incoming vehicles or pedestrians.

Never drink and drive— be responsible enough not to drive when under the influence of alcohol. Intoxicated drivers should instead ask a trusted friend to drive them home, or accompany them to commute to their residence. Alcohol distorts concentration and numbs the senses of an individual. As such, drunken people find it difficult to focus while they are behind the steering wheel.

Driving is a massive responsibility that, when done correctly, promotes safety not just for newbie drivers but for the pedestrians and innocent bystanders as well. It is the duty of every driver, both old and new, to always practice the tips mentioned above for a secure and satisfying driving experience.