Many people wonder what is so special about the managers in organization because they are mostly doing nothing themselves. The most important thing in their job is the process of planning and strategic thinking which involves planning for unseen events and remote possibilities. This is the part of job with which these organizations manage to survive even in most extreme situations. Planning for business continuity and disaster recovery is the task that has to be addressed by each department in the organization. For this purpose they have to plan for backup recovery technique and arrange the entire needed infrastructure. Selection of the most appropriate backup recovery technique may not be easy because the best technique is not the most appropriate. The better the software and technique is the more costly it would be. So it all comes down to two questions that is ‘how important is the data?’ and ‘how quickly would it have to be recovered in case of disaster’.

Backup recovery can be online in which case data is physically and virtually located on another location far away from the company premises. This is a good control for the organizations as the data is available anytime and anywhere. But companies do not compromise their secret business information to any third party to which there is a risk that they can sell it to the competitors. So the companies that are multinational plan for this between their own offices. Backup recovery softwares play the most important role in this field as they are always encrypting the data and running in the background and backing up the files. They can slow business operations down and on the other hand they can even crash business applications. So the choice of the backup recovery software is very crucial must be done by the professional after adequate testing.

But here is good news that switching from one backup recovery software to another is not hard because installation and setting up is easy. Only issue out there is using the backup files created by the softwares. Since most of the recovery softwares available out there support backup files from all the backup recovery softwares it is very easy to install new software. Encryption techniques offered by the recovery softwares are one of the main concerns for the system administrators when they scrutinize the available options. Good encryption can keep competitors’ attacks for the information of the company. This selection would result in a a good security measure itself.