It has been claimed that the 2.3 million units of Dark souls have been sold. It is quite surprising no doubt. This game actually holds a role playing feature and it was launched in October 2011. Software developers have confirmed the success of sale of this different and unique game. And these sale figures have been exposed by the Executive director Eiichi Nakajima during a recently organized event in Japan and it was attended by gpara.

When we look at the figure of sales of 2.3 million, we can truly guess that this figure is quite high then the 1.19 million copies of sales that were being sold till March 31, 2012. The publisher of Dark souls Namco Bandai exposed the fact that this game paved the way for the strongest fiscal year for the company since 2008 and it helped a lot in generating the high revenues. And it will not wrong to say that this game is truly awesome and it is worth playing in fact. For true game lovers, this is a treat.

Dark Souls game was being launched in the month of October 2011 and Dark souls maintained its record as the 6th best selling title in all over U.S. This statement was provided according to the NPD data.

Dark Souls version is not stopped here and it is meant to grow. Because the Software is now working on the sequel and it will be launched for the Xbox 360, PC and the Play station 3 however no announcement regarding its release date has been made yet. It is quite confidential till now. The lovers of the dark souls are truly waiting for the sequel. And they are hoping that the sequel will be as good and appealing as the original was.