Are Modern Treatments Really Helping Women Get Rid of Unwanted Body Hair?

The ugly look of having unwanted body hair or facial hair makes many women feel awkward while facing others. Some are sick of having unsightly hair growth on their upper lips and some curse having hair on their chins and cheeks resembling men’s beard. Unwanted hair don’t end up cursing women here only; as there are lots of women too whose hormonal changes trigger the production of unnecessary hair on their lower body parts such as tummy and legs.

Whether you want to get rid of unwanted body hair for a better personal appearance, for cleanliness or only for meeting the fashion trends, you would always like to get enduring results. For ages, women having unnecessary hair opt for numerous ways to get rid of this discomfort. These ways include shaving, tweezing, hair removing lotions, hot wax, cold wax, , etc. However, none of these alternatives helps them eliminate this ugly situation on permanent basis.

On the other hand, the modern technologies, for instance, laser hair removal and electrolysis are day by day gaining immense popularity for their results in permanent hair removal. These methods are proven to offer good results and have met the expectations of many people. Although, laser hair removal and electrolysis are more common and trendy but they still make lots of women suspicious about their results on long-term basis.

The modern treatments are more convenient and cost-effective. Since you cannot perform these procedures yourself, it’s important to set an appointment with a dermatologist to skin specialist for checking up the hair condition and looking for the feasibility of the procedure. Laser hair removal and electrolysis, both the techniques require multiple clinic visits until your specialist sees the results. It’s true that these procedures are costlier than old methods, but once you are done with your sessions, you are free from the anxiety of having an ugly look due to unwanted facial or body hair.

Among these two modern techniques, laser treatment provides a higher rate of winning results than electrolysis. The technique involves usage of laser light to destroy the hair follicles by burning them, which helps preventing the hair growth. With multiple episodes of the procedure, the targeted area finally starts showing either no or fewer hair. Some women do not get their hair removed permanently, but there’s no doubt that the gap between treatment sessions keeps getting larger and larger. Also, the texture of hair that might grow back isn’t the same as before; it’s usually too thin. So, laser treatment is helpful for women.

Despite the fact that laser removal treatment and electrolysis have many advantages, they have some disadvantages too. The most important factor is that these are not suitable for every skin type. People with light skin and dark hair get most excellent results from a laser removal treatment, whereas patients having dark skin will not get appropriate results from the procedures. However, it’s advisable to be examined by a skin specialist for an exact recommendation. The second, but a very important disadvantage, is the high cost, which isn’t affordable for everyone.