Architecture has always played a very important part in building an identity for a particular place or country. The pyramids of Egypt, the Big Ben of London or the Eiffel Tower of Paris have built a character for these places. But today’s modern architecture believes in simplicity and going with a theme. They gather all the information about the usage of the building and try to make it as simple with attractiveness, so it ultimately fulfills the purpose for which it has been built. The 20th century has seen a complete change in the architectural designs, due to the development of technology.  For example, almost every building has a surveillance system these days and therefore, old architecture are also been revamped by putting surveillance cameras in there as it is the requirement of government.

Glass has also become an integral part of every building today and its usage has not just been limited for decoration purpose. In the offices, glasses are used in making glass partitions, glass walls, glass entry doors, glass furniture and glass conference rooms. They are used because of their slick and stylish nature and secondly, they keep the environment as professional as possible. Everyone can see that what’s happening in the office and the concept of meeting behind closed doors has almost lost. Similarly, in homes glass are being used in making glass shelves or counter tops in kitchen, glass cabinets or glass shower room for bathrooms and different cabinets for decoration purposes in the lounge or drawing room.

Due to all of this, knowledge of architect glass details has become very important. This deep study into architectural glass has opened new arenas for architect around the globe. There has been a lot of advancement in architectural glass industry because of these factors. A wide variety of decorative glasses has also been introduced. Usually textured glasses are used for decoration purposes and it’s very famous amongst interior designers. There are light obscurity decorative glasses, which comes in texture, linear and pattern designs. Their surfaces are irregular and therefore, they are not completely see-through but those irregularities are designed into something decorative to make them look attractive. Near clear glasses have a bit of distortion and their retroverre designs are very popular because it has very little distortion, which gives a feeling that water is flowing over a glass. Heavy obscure glasses are very heavily textured or distorted and best for private rooms or bathrooms. Other decorative glasses such as acid etched or glue chip glasses also available in the market, which are quite expensive and are usually used in hotels.

The architectural glasses have changed the picture of interior decorating completely and therefore, they play an important part in modern architecture. The 21st century has brought some more changes in architect glass and a huge variety of these glasses is available in the market nowadays. Gone are the days, when glasses used to be considered as weak objects. Today, they are replacing the traditional methods of architecture everywhere.