Apple Releases Tool For U2 Album Removal

A tool has been released by the iPhone maker for the U2 album removal from the iTunes account of its customers only six days after the music had been given away by the company for free. There had been complaints from some users that the album called the Song of Innocence had been downloaded to their phones automatically and hadn’t asked for permission. The account holders weren’t able to immediately figure out how the tracks could be deleted. Now, a one-click removal button is being offered by Apple to the customers for removing them.

Adam Howorth, a spokesman of the company said that because of the demand of the customers to be able to delete the U2 album from their track list, the American giant had introduced an easy solution. AppleCare could be contacted for any further help in this matter. Once users have removed the album from their iTunes and don’t download it again before the 13th of October, they will have to pay for the tracks if they wish to download them later on. Analysts considered this backlash to be somewhat embarrassing for Apple. While the move of the company to give their customers something for free was appreciated, it was also said that the company should have made it optional because not everyone enjoys listening to U2.

However, the good news is that there isn’t any long term impact because the Cupertino, California based company took immediate steps to rectify the situation. The album was made available to about 500 million iTunes users in 119 different countries. The availability of the album coincided with the iPhone 6 and iWatch launch in the previous week. At that time, Bono, the U2 singer had acknowledged that the gift would not be appreciated by all. He posted on the website of the band that those who hadn’t heart the band or weren’t interested might play the tracks once because they will be in their library.

He further added that those who didn’t want to check them should just consider the efforts of the Irish guys as junk. He also mentioned that the iPhone maker had paid for the giveaway. Reports have indicated that the tech firm provided publicity of worth $100m to the band, which also included the placement of banner ads highlighting the album in the iTunes store. iTunes charts’ have also incorporated the sales of the previous albums of the band and U2 has also updated their profile as they have a tour coming up and also plan to launch Songs of Experience, a follow-up album.

However, the critics don’t have anything good to say about the Songs of Innocence. Some have declared that the band no longer has the potential of coming up with something good and their record has been devalued because of the free giveaway, making their efforts and time fruitless. But, there are still some who gave the album a positive review and considered it to be a plus for U2.