Apple and Samsung to Renew Smartphone Patent Battle

The two dominant firms in the smartphone market are returning for a new round in their apparently perpetual patent battle. Both Apple and Samsung. will be returning to federal court right in the heart of Silicon Valley. The case is regarding the tablet and smartphone patents and is the latest installment in the long-running war between the two technology giants who are fighting over supremacy in the multi-billion dollar smartphone industry. According to analysts, the parties have made huge attempts of accusing each other’s greatest and latest products, but because there is a slow litigation system in the US, the trial in 2014 is concerning the pre-2012 and 2012 products.

The competitors will come to a head again in San Jose, California and will appear before District Court Judge Lucy Koh again. It was last year when Koh presided over a trial between the two rivals in which the jury had declared that Samsung had to pay Apple about a billion dollars in damages for infringing some patents in some older models of its Android based devices. Later, the award for damages had been reduced to $929 million, which is being appealed. However, if the decision is in Apple’s favor in this new trial, it could lead to an even bigger award for the company.

This is because it is regarding some of the best-selling devices of the South Korean giant powered by the Android software of Google. In this round, California-based Apple is targeting the flagship Galaxy line of Samsung Electronics, which is crafted for challenging the iPhone in the high-end sector of the smartphone market. Before the trial, Judge Lucy Koh said during the testimony, injunctions and other matters that both companies have proven themselves to be fierce competitors in the local and global market and in the courtroom they are just as fierce adversaries.

When pressured by Koh, the chiefs of Samsung and Apple had engaged in meditation to see if it was possible to settle their disputes outside the court, but nothing came off these talks. Nevertheless, willingness has been expressed by the companies for continuing the talks and it is a possibility that a trial can be avoided. Jury selection will be done soon and each side has been awarded 25 hours by Koh for presenting evidence to the jurors and making their case. It was in February 2012 that Apple had filed a case against the consumer electronics behemoth in South Korea and it is just one of the worldwide patent feuds of the companies, according to the judge.

The patents that will be involved in the case include the use of gestures for unlocking the phone, auto correction of words being typed, retrieval of data that’s sought by the users and then using the found data for performing different actions such as locating a phone number and then making a call to it. It is yet to see which company will be able to make its point in the court and get awards for damages.