The facility of online backup enables the users to make their database safe and secure and make their backup online so that they can recover it anytime they want. There are companies that provide this facility to the home or professional users to make online backup of their important and critical data. This type of backup is more reliable and secure than the others. For example, users have the option to make backup on DVDs or CDs and sometimes on external hard drives. This involves a risk that physical backup is not as safe as the backup that is made remotely on an online server. Physical or logical backup is unsecured in a way that it is exposed to the same risks that your own database is.

Nowadays, there are companies that offer their services for making an online backup. Such backup has a major benefit that you do not have to maintain or update it every day. This saves a lot of time and you save yourself from a headache. All you have to do is hire the services of a company that is offering you to make backup online for some reasonable amount of money that you have to pay them in advance. Websites that offer online backup facility offers different payment plans that suit your preferences. For example, for large businesses that have databases too huge to handle on a local server, they offer special packages to handle their database in a secure and safe way. For home users or people who have small database, they offer cheap packages that attract a lot of users to make online backup.

While making backup online you have the option of choosing through different payment plans and you can select to pay monthly, weekly or even on the daily basis if you have a small database. Of course it is a disadvantage of making backup online as everyone cannot afford to pay for their backup that is made online. Most people prefer to make their backup personally and it is made offline on some external source but for people who cannot risk losing their data and their databases mean a lot to their businesses, online backup is the best choice. It frees you from keeping, maintaining and protecting your database all the day and saves the time. It also gives you the advantage of downloading and uploading stuff to your online database whenever you want.